XFI, 83lbs inj, Short Block parts,


Dec 31, 2001
Looking to sell my Complete XFI kit with caspers module. This was just in my car and fully functional with no issues at all. It came off a 100% street car with around 500 miles on it TOPS since new. The car has never been to the track or further than a 10 mile radius. I would date this unit back to the 2008-2010 time frame. It was not updated with any 2.0 or higher upgrades but can be done fairly cheap and easy through FAST.
It's as complete as you need including
-Caspers Module
-O2 Sensor
-O2 Sensor harness
-XFI Comm Cable
-Comm cable USB adaptor
- 3 bolt/washer and lock nuts to secure it to your computer cover.
-Current tune for 83lbs inj.

$1250 shipped


I also have Siemans Deka 3105 injectors. They are 83 lbs and from looking them up they are low imp. I do not believe these will work with factory computer unless you have it modified. They have most likely 500 miles on them.
$250 shipped.

Pics available

I also have parts from a stock short block.

- Complete set of ARP Main studs. $40 shipped.
- Stock crank needs cut or polished $130 shipped
-stock rods with pistons (QTY 7) 1 piston is cracked. 6 good ones included +$125 shipped
Also available stock Oil pan, balancer, pullies etc...