Your Thoughts: 99 3.8 Mustang


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Apr 30, 2003
I have an opportunity to get my cousin's 1999 Mustang (17k miles, 5 speed, sequential turn signals, powerchip, k&N drop in, bullit hood scoop) for about $6,000.
I know nothing about these cars, or their potential ( Not wanting a race car). I jsut want a decent looking (although very played out!) reliable car.

Please give me any of your thoughts, and opinions, good or bad!

Im no expert on mustangs, but i work at a large used car dealer and we get plenty of these. the motor is pretty strong, but the car jsut feels crappy when you drive it(sorry i really dont know how to explain it) it kindof feels like a TR with over 100k on it and stock suspension, SLOPPY. the car just feels, looks, and sounds junky. ive never owned one, but fromt eh many ive driven, i really hate these with a passion. btw, im not just one of those ford haters, i actually have a 1990 5.o that i absolutely love.
actually, now seeing the price and miles again, it sounds like a pretty good deal, even if you just drivi it for a while, hate it, then sell it youll probably make your money back and then some as these usally sell between 8-11000 at the dealer
A V6 Mustang with a hood-scoop, K&N and other go fast goodies to a car that wasn't meant to go fast. Sounds like somebody has been thrashing on this thing pretty good. 5speed... hopefully the clutches is good and he hasn't been slamming on the gears/drivetrain too hard to get this car to do something it wasn't meant to.

You say it's your cousin so there's some degree of trust. And for the price, you may be able to fix symptoms of thrashing and still stay ahead of the game. But just something I would give thought to. Good luck.

I'm only a fan of certain Mustangs. So I'm trying to be as objective as possible.
Perfect donor car to put a 2JZ-GTE engine in. One of these days, I will have a 2JZ in a Buick (not a GN), a Chevy and a Mustang (V-6 beater of course!!).:)
Well this car has not been abused in anyway at all :D Seriously, my cousin hasn't had a license for 10 years (DWI's or something) so he only drives his cars when the weather is perfect and he knows what is out their ahead of time. The hood scoop is non functional and just for looks, the k&n just lets it breath a little better, and the power chip improvised gas milage.
I think the 99 and up cars look great. I don't have any experience with the v6 though. I did see a post the other day on a SN95 site (don't remember which one) talking about a new v6 being able to beat a stock Fox body 5.0. Didn't pay much attention to it so I don't know all of the details. It's up to you if you like the car or not, but I don't like the looks of the v6 as much. It's just the little things like skinny tires, single exhaust, ect...

Hmmm... V6... + turbo = :D

Good luck with whatever you do
i don't know much about them but the potental is there.some magazine, i think it was hotrod did a feature of that re mustang we all see in the bfg adds fro their drag radials, runs 8's i think. in that article they said the car started with the 3.8 v6, they didn't give a time but they did say it was running at 150mph (i think, or close anyways) with the v6. i know you aren't goign to do that to it, and i think it woudl be a waste of money to try it, just i'm just saying they can be fast.
FORD Yuck i hate fords :mad:
Found On Road Dead
backwards Driver Returns On Foot

For a daily beater i say go for it if you have the extra 6 k especially if you say he didn't beat on it
just a little something that happened to me

I was at the track in my GN. I was dialing it in for bracket racing. I had the boost cut back and was running pump gas trying for consistant 13.30s. On one of my time trials I was staged next to a 3.8l v6 Mustang. That pass I pretty much nailed the 13.30 I was looking for...something like 13.331. In the return area I had my hood up and was giving everything a last time check over when the Mustang driver approaches me. He asked me what I had under the hood. I told him it was a 3.8l v6 (I knew thats what he had). He said "Dang thats the same size engine I got but mine is running 18.2s". He then asks me how I got it to run low 13s. I told him by slowing it down and mentioned that I was set up to go easy on it tonight. He looked as tho he had seen a ghost. It was priceless.:cool:
Don't bash the car lol... it is a 3.8 too :D

What would you guys do to make the car look good (its red), but not ricey or plain.
sorry but all of us being TR owner's its hard for us not to abuse the ford junkers their right up there with the ricers in my book but i will give you some slack since it would be a daily beat around, you should get a plate that says "SH1TBOX" what ya think :D heh just playing around, leave it red maybe get some nice rims put a lil sound system in there, but nothing to crazy you know ,
99 and up v6 stangs
auto=teribbly cars nice looking tho..

the manual ones are ok a supercharger or use a m90 supercharger from a 92+ thunderbird supercoupe and your specs will be on par with a GN... and you'll look better!
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your specs will be on par with a GN... and you'll look better!
Not IMO lol. Yeah Ronnie, I know. It'd be a good car to get me to North Carolia though ;)
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this aint what your looken for jake, use that money and buy a t type.

theres a good call. $6k is a fair amount of money, you can get a lot for that if you look around. the mustang might look good, and if thats what you want then i think you've found your car. they should be economical, i don't know about reliability coming from ford and all.