10/16/2007 Gateway-SCSS Street Car Shootout RESULTS!

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These results reflect the record holders, qualifiers, and final round contestants at each of the
SX Performance Street Car Shootout Series events held each Tuesday at Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Illinois.

All vehicles compete utilizing Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) approved tires. All other modifications are permitted. Tuesday SCSS Track Records can be set during official qualifying or championship rounds. The Official Street Car Shootout qualifying period begins at 6:30 PM and concludes at 9:00 PM, (barring unforeseen circumstances). At 9:20 PM, the four quickest qualifiers meet in no-handicap eliminations with the championship final round held at 9:45 PM. Each of the Top 16 qualifiers receives a "Fastest Street Car Qualifier" decal. The SCSS trophies and decals are presented by SX Performance Fuel Systems. Additionally, the two quickest Sport Tuner drivers, (open to all passenger cars except Rear-Wheel-Drive vehicles with engines of six cylinders or more), also meet in a no-handicap championship round for trophies presented by St. Louis Street Racers.com and the two quickest Super Truck drivers, (open to all trucks and utility vehicles), meet in a no-handicap championship round for trophies presented by Gateway Raceway.com. All finalists in all categories also receive free digital images from the event courtesy of Bret Kepner Photos.com and one free entry to a future SCSS event.



Class Name Hometown ST Vehicle Engine ET MPH Date
RWD Tony Tobnick, Cedar Hill, MO 91 Mustang 359 Ford 8.341 10/16/2007
RWD Tony Tobnick, Cedar Hill, MO 91 Mustang 359 Ford 166.11 10/16/2007

4CYL Jon Huber, St. Louis, MO 79 Mustang 178 Ford 9.160 10/16/2007
4CYL Jon Huber, St. Louis, MO 79 Mustang 178 Ford 152.16 10/16/2007

TRK Larry Richards, Hillsboro, MO 52 3100 427 Chevy 9.278 9/4/2007
TRK Larry Richards, Hillsboro, MO 52 3100 427 Chevy 149.07 9/4/2007

DSL Chris Calkins, Union, MO 70 C-10 403 Chevy 9.875 9/25/2007
DSL Chris Calkins, Union, MO 70 C-10 403 Chevy 139.41 9/25/2007

RTY Eric Cheatham, Belleville, IL 93 RX-7 79 Mazda 10.048 9/26/2006
RTY Eric Cheatham, Belleville, IL 93 RX-7 79 Mazda 137.95 9/26/2006

AWD Adnan Omerovic, St. Louis, MO 95 Talon 122 Eagle 10.234 9/11/2007
AWD Adnan Omerovic, St. Louis, MO 95 Talon 122 Eagle 140.52 9/11/2007

6CYL Rob Nolan, Granite City, IL 87 Regal 231 Buick 11.041 10/11/2005
6CYL Rob Nolan, Granite City, IL 87 Regal 231 Buick 124.56 4/11/2006

FWD Adam Corbitt, St. Charles, MO 85 Golf 123 Volks 11.057 10/16/2007
FWD Adam Corbitt, St. Charles, MO 85 Golf 123 Volks 131.91 10/16/2007

Pos Name Hometown ST Vehicle Engine ET MPH Date

EVENT 27 10/16/2007

1 Tony Tobnick Cedar Hill MO 91 Mustang 359 Ford 8.341 166.11
2 Tim Mallicoat Collinsville IL 68 Camaro 565 Chevy 8.612 157.47
3 Philip Reichardt Festus MO 67 Camaro 350 Chevy 8.976 157.65
4 Tony Huff Collinsville IL 66 Chevelle 510 Chevy 9.105 143.92
5 Jon Huber St. Louis MO 79 Mustang 178 Ford 9.160 152.16
6 Raymond Arthur Edwardsville IL 67 Camaro 496 Chevy 9.597 141.53
7 Mickey Boyer Imperial MO 69 Nova 406 Chevy 9.739 134.85
8 Matt Deason Coredell MO 57 Bel-Air 355 Chevy 10.173 132.58
9 Kevin Autenrieth Bethalto IL 91 S-10 434 Chevy 10.211 132.69
10 Joe Williams Maryville IL 72 Nova 454 Chevy 10.564 127.29
11 Tony Lindahl Ballwin MO 03 Mustang 281 Ford 10.911 134.98
12 Isaac St. Clair Troy MO 72 Chevelle 400 Chevy 11.032 121.72
13 Adam Corbitt St. Charles MO 85 Golf 123 Volks 11.093 131.91
14 Kevin Linebaugh Foristell MO 70 RoadRunner 440 Plym 11.125 119.52
15 Kurt Borton St. Charles MO 05 Mustang 281 Ford 11.168 123.69
16 Tim Kirkpatrick Troy MO 88 Mustang 393 Ford 11.408 117.87


Pos Name Hometown ST Vehicle R.T. ET MPH

W Tim Mallicoat, Collinsville, IL 1968 565 Camaro 0.107 8.568 158.24
RU Philip Reichardt, Festus, MO 1967 350 Camaro -0.093 (foul) 8.703 158.04

The twenty-seven event 2007 SX Performance Street Car Shootout Series at Gateway International Raceway came to an end with a record-shattering season finale producing performances which might have seemed impossible only six months ago. While Tim “Moose” Mallicoat closed out his championship-winning year with yet another victory, the Collinsville, Illinois veteran was only one of dozens of competitors who took full advanatge of nearly perfect atmospheric conditions and traction to clock the quickest and fastest runs of the season. While personal bests were plentiful, the official Elapsed Time and Speed records in three of the eight SCSS divisions were decimated by incredible margins in a fitting end to the fourth year of the series.

The event featured the best “air” of any SCSS program in ‘07; the corrected elevation dropped almost one thousand feet during the evening from 1328 feet above sea level when the gates opened to only 383 feet above during the final rounds. Likewise, the GIR track crew spent an inordinate amount of time before the gates opened preparing a racing surface to match the weather. The track temperature never dropped below 71 degrees and its adhesion was almost hazardous to pedestrians! Even GIR starter “Ace” Richardson walked out of his shoes on at least one occasion!

The very first pass during early timed trials resulted in the first eleven-second run, (11.92/113.31), for Paul Hagen’s well-known blue ‘72 Nova and seemingly every driver who made a run before qualifying clocked a personal best. Thomas McPherson’s low-rider ‘90 306 Mustang was a prime example, hitting 11.30/123.60 to exceed its best by nearly a quarter-second!

Shortly after the official qualifying session began, Kenny Woolsey’s black ‘99 Camaro disintegrated its smallblock powerplant necessitating a twenty-minute clean-up. Tony Huff, who scored his first win of the season only a week ago, kicked off the “single digit” qualifying runs when the official session resumed with an easy 9.42/143.92 in brother Dale’s purple ‘66 Chevelle. Huff was quickly supplanted, however, by a stunning performance from Jon Huber’s legendary turbocharged 178-cubic inch four-cylinder ‘79 Mustang which annihilated its own SCSS Four-Cylinder Records with a 9.33 at 148.18 mph! Seven minutes later, Mallicoat’s 565-inch naturally-aspirated ’68 Camaro pulled to the line and unleashed its second-quickest run ever, a thundering 8.61 at 157.47 mph, to take the pole position.

While most fans in the stands waited to see who would threaten Mallicoat, few took notice of a black ‘91 Mustang which pulled into the waterbox only five minutes later. The Ford, driven by Tony Tobnick and campaigned with his brother, Nick, (a former Missouri State Arm Wrestling Championship contender), is a regular entry at many Midwestern Street Car events. The 359-inch nitrous oxide-aided smallblock had attended several test sessions at GIR during the 2007 season and few folks were aware of the car’s mid-eight-second potential, evidenced by an 8.54 at over 164 mph during a brutally hot GIR Saturday event in August. When the Andy McCoy-chassised Mustang launched on its 28X10.5 D.O.T. tires without a hint of tirespin, the resulting 1.30-second sixty-feet ET ranked with the best in SCSS racing. For every progressive point the car passed after that, however, records fell. A 3.563-second 330-feet ET was followed by a 5.404/133.94 eighth-mile before the black Ford became the first entry to clock under seven seconds at 1000 feet, (6.990). In a flash, Steven Gentry’s six-week-old 8.43-second SCSS ET Record and Matt Bell’s twenty-eight-day old 165.11 mph speed mark were crushed by Tobnick’s astounding 8.341 at 166.11 miles per hour!

The astonished crowd roared its approval at Tobnick’s blast and qualifying quickly became a battle to simply gain a remaining position in the four-car elimination field. Phil Reichardt, whose Phine Designs ‘67 smallblock Camaro found its way to three previous final rounds in 2007, overpowered the tires to a backpedaling 8.97 at a career-best 157.65 mph. The last available qualifying position wasn’t determined until the final ten minutes of qualifying when Huber’s four-banger drew the loudest ovation of the event with an ungodly 9.16 at 152.16 mph but was knocked from the Final Four by Huff’s last-ditch 9.10/142.69 which came on the very last qualifying run of the season!

Huff’s run exceeded the record from the September 18th event, in which Mickey Boyer’s ‘69 Nova anchored the Top Four at 9.12/145, as the quickest eliminations field in SCSS history. Although the Super Sixteen “bump spot” of 11.40 seconds was only the fifth quickest ever, the field’s average of 10.07/137.25 was the second best in the eighty-six event history of the series!

When the qualifiers were called to report in front of the main grandstands for eliminations, all appeared but one. Word soon eminated from the pit area that Tobnick’s monstrous Mustang had already left the property after succumbing to breakage. First alternate Huber sent word that he planned to compete only in the Sport Tuner Showdown, (although he was eligible to compete in both as he has done in the past), so Ray Arthur’s wheelstanding “Suspicion” 496-inch ‘67 Camaro got the nod to fill the vacancy. Paired with Reichardt’s purple Camaro, Arthur left the line over a tenth of second behind the smallblock Chevy but Reichardt again unloaded the chassis and was forced to “pedal” the car to find traction. While Arthur was reeling in his struggling opponent, the “Suspicion” developed electrical maladies and slowed to a 9.85/144.19 while Reichardt continued on to an 8.99/157.26 victory. “Moose” Mallicoat was uncharacteristically late against Huff but the “Hellraiser” Camaro quickly caught and passed the Chevelle to win with a stout 8.64/156.95 against Huff’s improved 9.06/154.99.

Unlike their meeting in the final round of the September 18th event, (in which Reichardt staged on foot after his Camaro quit on the burnout…only to watch Mallicoat redlight!), both machines were fully functional for the last championship match of 2007. After two rolling fogbank burnouts, both staged with favoritism leaning toward Reichardt who had yet to score an SCSS winner’s trophy in three attempts. Reichardt pushed the ‘Tree to a redlight by almost a tenth of second and then held on as his Camaro finally hooked! Two arrow-straight passes led to career-bests for both drivers; Mallicoat dipped under 8.60 for the first time with an 8.56/158.24 while Reichardt blasted out an 8.70/158.04!

When informed that even a perfect reaction time wouldn’t have won the battle, Reichardt playfully whacked his crewchief‘s head. “See? I told you!”, laughed Reichardt. “We were just arguing about that! I knew I went red but all the way down there I was thinking, ’Man, if I run quicker than Mallicoat on this pass, I’m gonna be really mad! We took power out of the car before the final round to get it to hook up and it worked. We were just overpowering the tires and that was the only solution. I have to say we’ve had a lot of fun running this series, though. We’ll be back next year!”.

Mallicoat, whose record season of seventeen victories may never be beaten, found a trick of his own. “We gave it more fuel and it just came to life”, said the 2007 SCSS Season Champion. “we changed the jets and fixed a valve problem and it really started to run tonight. I’m just amazed that this engine worked so well this year; we really had no problems with it and it’s still together. Next year, I still plan on running my blue ‘68 Camaro a few times and this car will probably have two carburetors but, in general, I couldn’t be happier with this season. It was a blast! Thanks to everybody who helped, who cheered us on and who just supported us. We always had a lot of great people hanging out with us in the pits and that meant a lot. It was just a great year!”.

NOTES FROM THE SCSS: The bump pot for the Super Sixteen could have been as quick as 11.03 if not for four separate incidents. Tom Bantle, who debuted his new nitrous-aided ‘78 Malibu last week, suffered two different manifold explosions on the starting line during qualifying and never made an official pass but ran 9.79/137.27 in early timed trials! Fifty-six year-old Jack Nungester, who successfully stayed in the Top Ten in the point standings while his son, Ben, was knocked down to eleventh in the final event, struggled with electrical problems with his 10.2-second ‘71 Camaro and failed to qualify. Tim Kirkpatrick qualified on the bubble at 11.40/117.87 but stepped up to an impressive 11.03/115.70 after qualifying had concluded. Finally, there was the plight of Don Moore, whose 468-inch ‘91 S-10 pickup ran no better than 11.66/114.27 in qualifying but was the first vehicle down the track after qualifying ended--and hit an 11.03/117.15!…Jason Moore’s ‘88 355 Camaro ran a best of 12.05/112.14 in qualifying but got its first eleven-second timeslip in late timed trials at 11.87/112.62...The aforementioned Thomas McPherson never got a decent pass in qualifying but did run even quicker with his ‘90 306 Mustang in late timed runs at 11.21/123.98...Harold Swindle’s black ‘07 not only ran its best numbers ever but was beyond consistent; an 11.806/119.12 best in qualifying was followed by a timed trial of 11.806/119.07!…William Kurrus also improved after qualifying ended, driving his 2007 Z06 Corvette to an 11.49/123.28. Kurrus and Ryan Schilling’s ‘92 302 Mustang became the 152nd and 151st members of the 120 MPH Club ...The nitrous-aided, smallblock-powered ‘57 Bel-Air of Matt Deason, which first joined the 10-Second Club and the 130 MPH Club way back in September of 2004 when the car was supercharged, made an appearance and qualified eighth at 10.17/132.58 with some of the best wheelstands of the event…Tony Lindahl’s ‘03 Cobra improved more than one second and twelve miles per hour over its previous best with an exceptional 10.91/134.98 to join both the 10-Second and 130 MPH Clubs…Tim Gehre’s stock-appearing ‘81 Cutlass, complete with a hidden blow-through supercharger on its 350 Olds, drew plenty of comments after running 11.68/118.52...Gary Bates and the infamous Bates Brothers yellow ’04 GTO Judge attended the final event of the season and ran a best of 11.82/115.46...The quickest six-cylinder entry was Scott Hart’s nuclear exposion-white turbocharged ’87 Regal with a career-best 12.32 at only 111.47 mph…Thanks from Bret Kepner Photos for a great season. We’ll do it all over again in 2008!


Top Ten of 139 Point-Earning Contestants

Pos Points Name Hometown ST Vehicle Engine

1 (38) Tim Mallicoat Collinsville IL 68 Camaro 565 Chevy
2 (30) Raymond Arthur Edwardsville IL 67 Camaro 496 Chevy
3 (26) Tony Huff Collinsville IL 66 Chevelle 510 Chevy
4 (17) Tony Buhl Lebanon IL 89 Mustang 306 Ford
5 (13) Allen Hannel Caseyville IL 86 S-10 383 Chevy
6 (12) Joe Williams Maryville IL 72 Nova 454 Chevy
7 (8) Adnan Omerovic St. Louis MO 95 Talon 122 Eagle
8 (8) Jack Nungester Arnold MO 71 Camaro 454 Chevy
9 (8) Philip Reichardt Festus MO 67 Camaro 350 Chevy
10 (8) Kevin Autenrieth Bethalto IL 91 S-10 434 Chevy

NOTE: Points toward the 2007 Street Car Shootout Series Season Championship are awarded on the basis of one (1) point for qualifying in the Super Sixteen field with one (1) bonus point awarded for qualifying in the top four positions.Ties are broken by (1) the earliest date upon which the final point total is earned, (2) quickest elapsed time recorded during the current SCSS season and (3) fastest speed recorded during the current SCSS season.


Pos Name Hometown ST Vehicle R.T. ET MPH

W Adam Corbitt, St. Charles, MO 1985 123 Golf Gti 0.099 11.057 131.75
RU Jon Huber, St. Louis, MO 1979 178 Mustang -0.058 (foul) 9.295 150.97

Despite its popularity and record-holding status, it was hard to believe that, going into the final event of the St. Louis Street Racing.com Sport Tuner Showdown Series, Dave and Adam Corbitt had not won an event in 2007. Their turbocharged ’85 Volkswagen Golf, acknowledged by most as the epitome of home-built horsepower and chassis science, made the final round of the June 19th event but broke after redlighting against Rick Howie’s Honda Civic. After eight final rounds and seven event titles in 2006, the Polk Audio/Wheels America team continued their stranglehold on the SCSS Front-Wheel-Drive records through ’07 but were still unable to convert their power into a win. Ironically, the last race of ’07 appeared to be their worst chance at a trophy.

Jon Huber, fresh off a convincing True Street championship at the NMRA World Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky, can correctly be considered a globally-recognized personality. His Spectre Performance/Huber Performance has dominated Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week program with nine-second elapsed times while towing a trailer 1500 miles across the Midwest. Its 178-inch turbocharged four-cylinder is accepted as a technological marvel yet was created almost entirely in the Huber family shop in St. Louis.

Huber made his presence known at the STSS season finale when his first run of the event, an incredible 9.33/148.18, obliterated his own Four-Cylinder Series Records by more than a third of a second and five miles per hour. His second pass was beyond belief; far and away the quickest and fastest he’d ever run on D.O.T. rubber, the fans literally roared when the silver Mustang posted a 9.16 at 152.16 mph!

Meanwhile, Adam Corbitt was busy pounding out records of his own. Holding the SCSS Front-Wheel-Drive marks at 11.13/130.58 coming into the meet, the white Golf reset its own speed record on its first effort of 11.29/130.98. A subsequent 11.09 at a ****ping 131.91 mph claimed both ends of the standard and a late timed trial after qualifying ended produced an even quicker, albeit unofficial, 11.07/131.86. When Huber announced he would be racing only for the Sport Tuner title, however, the chance of a Corbitt brothers victory seemed pretty remote.

Corbitt remained the second qualifier, followed by Polk Audio teammate Mike Bobelak’s black ‘96 Golf GTi which reeled off numerous low-twelve-second runs at over 120 mph en route to a 12.14/122.98 best. Andy Lemons’ silver turbocharged B16-powered ‘96 Honda Civic, runner-up in the September 11th STSS final, held fourth at 12.47/116.38 and F. Chad Shepherd’s silver ‘05 Subaru Impreza WRX not only dipped under the thirteen-second mark with a 12.97/104.94 but clocked several low-1.7-second sixty-feet ETs, as well.

Preparing for the final round, Corbitt knew he had few options with which to turn the tide against the Mustang even going so far as to casually mention “There’s no shame in being beaten by the best!”. Minutes later, the audible gasp of the crowd only underlined the credo to never give up.

After all…who would’ve ever thought Huber would redlight in the final round?

Leaving the line fifty-eight thousandths of a second before the green light, Huber negated his 9.29/150.97 final run of the season and allowed Corbitt, who was cruising to another new FWD ET Record at 11.05/131.75, the unlikely win.

“It just goes to show you that there’s always hope, I guess”, said a still-stunned Adam Corbitt during trophy presentations in front of the main grandstand. “I couldn’t believe it. I don’t think anybody could believe it. But it happened”. Team manager Dave Corbitt reflected on what the duo still considered a good season. “We learned an awful lot this year. We made gains and we progressed with the car even while breaking a lot of parts. We’re going to switch to an automatic transmission next year. Maybe that’ll be the key to a ten-second run. Meanwhile, we just had fun. We met a lot of great people and just had a good time. That’s why we’re here!”.


Pos Name Hometown ST Vehicle R.T. ET MPH

W Kevin Autenrieth, Bethalto, IL 1991 434 S-10 0.291 9.672 138.24
RU Randy Christy, Jr., Granite City, IL 1999 408 Dakota 0.003 11.765 117.31

Testing for the final race in the GatewayRaceway.com Super Truck Showdown Series, Kevin Autenreith made several passes in the 9.4-second zone during the recent Midnight Madness event. After finally adding a mild nitrous oxide system to his Scott Shafiroff-built 434-inch smallblock, Autenreith’s orange ’91 S-10 pickup had an opportunity to close out 2007 with back-to-back victories and an appearance in his sixth final round since the Lowe Performance team driver returned to the Super Truck Division at the July 31st event.

In fact, Autenrieth was able to spend the night upgrading his NHRA Competition License while running a best of 10.21/132.69 without even engaging the “juice button”. A 10.19/132.95 late timed trial also proved the consistency of the S-10. Meanwhile, an all-out war for the other finalist position
ensued. Randy Christy’s yellow 408-inch smallblock-powered ’99 Dodge Dakota, (a best-ever 11.61/117.96), Allen Hannel in Hal Marshall’s renowned white ’86 S-10, (an off-pace 11.62/118.52 from a very tired 383-inch Chevy), and the new entry of Dan Moore’s black 468-inch ’91 S-10, (11.66/114.27), found each other within hundredths…and even thousandths…of a second apart on repeated runs. The trio even qualified in the twentieth, twenty-first and twenty-second positions in the Street Car Shootout! Moore took the toughest punch, however. As the very next vehicle in line after qualifying ended, he clocked an 11.03/117.15 which would’ve put the Pontoon Beach, Illinois racer into the final round in his first event ever!

Christy, whose father was the first nine-second, 140 mph SCSS competitor ever in 2004 and later went on to score multiple Super Truck titles with another S-10, was happy just to be in his first final round. Despite the fact that Autenreith decided the last championship bout of the year deserved a bit of nitrous injection, Christy proved his racing lineage by nailing the quickest Reaction Time in the history of the entire SCSS, a brilliant 0.003 RT, in an attempt to win. The Dodge’s 11.76/117.31 was no match for Autenreith’s 9.67/138.24, but Christy certainly gave it all he had.

“It was really good to be back racing again”, said Autenreith during the winner’s ceremonies, “and I can promise we’ll be back next year. The truck ran beautifully once we got it sorted out and I have a felling it will be plenty tough in this class next year. I want to thank the SX Performance folks, (who awarded the Super Truck finalists new fuel pumps and regulators), for their involvement, too. It’s nice to be recognized by those folks!”.

Photos of the October 16th SX Performance Street Car Shootout Series event are now available for viewing at Bret Kepner Photos.com.

Watch for the 2007 SX Performance Street Car Shootout Series Season Review coming during the holiday season!


Tim “Moose” Mallicoat, Collinsville, IL 1968 565 Camaro


Phil Reichardt, Festus, MO 1967 350 Camaro


Adam Corbitt, St. Charles, MO 1985 123 Golf GTi
New SCSS Front-Wheel-Drive Record Holder at 11.057 seconds, 131.91 mph!


Jon Huber, St. Louis, MO 1979 178 Mustang
New SCSS Four-Cylinder Record Holder at 9.16 seconds, 152.16 mph!


Kevin Autenrieth, Bethalto, IL 1991 434 S-10


Randy Christy, Jr., Granite City, IL 1999 408 Dakota


Tony Tobnick, Cedar Hill, MO 1991 359 Mustang
New SCSS Rear-Wheel-Drive Record Holder at 8.341 seconds, 166.11 mph!