Z-28 radiator on GN


I have a question, A guy has a 87 grand national and the radiator was leaking so he put well here is what he done in this own words-

The Z-28 radiator is a direct bolt in. Its actually more efficient than the factory radiator because its aluminum, and also lighter. The intercooler bolts to the block, along with the A/C. -

A friend of mine that has built two grand nationals says it won't work, He has a 9 sec. and a low 10 sec., This would be on a 10 sec. car, So will it work for a 10 sec. street strip car with a/c
Will work but there is NO oil cooler. Just the lines for the trans. Many guys like to use this F-body rad and just run a seperate cooler or no cooler at all.
Thanks, I have my a/c and intercooler mounted in front of my radiator, Seems not right to have it any other way, But just me
it will work great as long as you don't mind either blocking off the oil cooler or running a separate oil cooler. The tranny lines can be bent to work with the fbody radiator. I just installed one on my dads 85 Gn (which don't have an oil cooler anyways) and the temp never gets above 165. Dropped right in and looks great. BTW they are off of an 87-92 Camaro Iroc or Z.