Zaino Bros wax rocks


Oct 28, 2003
I just got my bottles of Zaino Z5 and Z3 and worked them on the GN yesterday, very impressed! I had used Meguires Gold class on it and Meguires scratchX, and love the results with the Zaino. The Z5 scratch and swirl remover does a fair job of removing light swirls, and a great job of giving it a foot deep shine! Give it a try
My car has been repainted at some point in its life, and I'm sure it isn't single stage anymore. Plus all my other cars are clearcoated.:D
That was my point Z3 is for non-clearcoat finishes. Z2 is for clearcoats.

Do GN/GNX come from the factory with single stage or base/clear?

P.S. I really like Zaino, too.:)
Maybe I did get the Z2...whichever one was for clearcoats anyway. From what I was told, 87 was the first year GM put what they called a clearcoat finish which I've heard is clear mixed with base:confused: ?? AT any rate the original paint on these cars sucked!
All GNs were single stage. No biggy, z2, z3 shouldn't make difference.

Wait till you get to see how well it protects.
The track I go to is 40 miles through the country. By the time I get home, the front of the car is a bug part, with the Zaino, they rinse off with a garden hose.

Zaino - good stuff.
Yes, the paint quality is not very high. My girlfriend's dad's GNX only has 5400 original miles and the paint is full of orange peel and not all that pretty to look at.
I have to disagree about Zaino. I fell for the Zaino trap when reading about it on the web. Then I asked a guy in the club about it and he uses it on his 02 SS all the time and loves it. His car did look really nice.

So I plunk down the money for the entire system. I thought it was expensive, but I was sick of reappling wax all the time. Well, in my case it sucked!

I got the feeling that unless your paint is perfect Zanio won't help much. Sure it might protect, but it didn't do a good job of hiding small scratches and blemishes in the paint like 3m Hand Glaze and a good Carnuba wax. Plus, it takes so long it's not even worth it! I even thought I was doing the steps wrong because it turned out so bad. Then I had the "Zanio guy" from the club show me and I was doing it right. We even did half my car in Zanio and the other half with 3m and a Meguire's wax. The Zanio half was terrible. While the other side looked brand new. Plus the Zanio side took much longer to apply.

Zaino BOOOOo! :p
James- like you said I think it depends on what you are starting with. It did a good job on my car, but it has been repainted at some point in its life. I am repainting my truck this weekend and when its done i am going to try it on a new paint job and see how it does. If I could invent a car wax with cat repellant in it I would be a billionaire.:D Take care!
Zaino is not going to hide anything. It is 99% optically perfect.

There is no substitute for proper prep work. So, yes, glazes, etc. will cover up blemishes and flaws, but they are still going to be there.

The proper way is to wash, clay, polish, then apply sealant/wax.
I've got a 40xxx mile GN with stock paint and Zainos works great. I just have my son do it when he's home from school!