Zero balance balancer and flexplate


New Member
Sep 10, 2003
I need to buy a zero balance flexplate and balancer and want to know which I should buy. I assume they are all SFI approved and cost about the same. Anyone have any suggestions on which manufacturer or a part number would be nice. And whos got the best price? Thanks guys.
I think most guys are using an bhj balancer and a jw wheel. I am sure cotton or hartline would have them in stock.
I assume these are both SFI approved, correct? I was thinking the balancer would be around $400 and the flywheel around $100? Is that pretty accurate? Thanks again.

Do not assume all balancers and wheels are SFI.. they are not. You have to specify that they are to be approved when you buy them. There's a "noticeable" difference in price.

JW is a good choice, as is ATi and others.
Expect to pay close to $400 for the balancer w/ the trigger ring, and about $100 for the flexplate.