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  1. drturbo69
    drturbo69 carolinacfr
    where in n.c. ? Has block been checked for cracks ? Block & crank std. ?
  2. tbaumann
    tbaumann JayC
    I am have trouble searching the turbobuick site. I get the following error message "The search could not be completed. Please try again later." is it something i am doing wrong
  3. 6cylboost
    6cylboost turboplow
    Hey are you going to bowling green this year?
  4. turbo chris1970
    turbo chris1970 Boostdeznuts
    I found a donor car for $400 and it ran but someone beat me to it so it's gone so if you have the parts I listed I'm still interested
  5. turbodan1
    turbodan1 TTGN
    Still waiting to hear from you bro.
  6. vboosted6
    249ci, champion heads&intake,6766,214/214,SE ic,Bison stage rite tranny,xfi
  7. GN-Finland
    GN-Finland RobsIron
    Saw picture of you car and interested about the roll cage. Is it made by you or bought from somewhere? I would love to see more pictures if it's like 8-point cage. I'm going to build cage to my 87 turbo-t also and would like to see what's your like. My car is goingto be a street car also.
  8. Kabeer Kumar
    Kabeer Kumar
  9. Turbo_warpony
    Has anyone ever used or using the Direct Scan Professional Data Aquisition System.
  11. TXGS
    TXGS Nick Micale
    Nick, Thanks for everything. Looks like I have to install my new fuel pump and hotwire kit now.
  12. Lee O. Thompson
    Lee O. Thompson Buckshot G/N
    Yes I want it looks to be the same. I will have to send check as I don,t have paypal.--Lee
  13. Kyleh24
    Kyleh24 onebadsix
    I want this. How much shipping to 30606
  14. Tom K
    Tom K 87gn-newbee
    Call me when u get a chance if u still have the cream t type 7089733025
  15. Shawn Giroux
    Shawn Giroux
    87 gn 4,1 duttweiler engine
  16. jckcolarusso
    jckcolarusso TurboBuRick
    Take the post down thanks
    1. TurboBuRick
      We are not suppose to take down for sale threads. Just mark sold or no longer available.
      Jul 23, 2017
  17. Turbo Kelly
    Turbo Kelly Nick Micale
    Can you please tell me how to send someone a PM? I just can't seem to figure it out.
  18. Bob B.
    Bob B.
    A non computer controlled cam in an 84 GN.. edelbrock #5487. Any problems with this combo?
  19. Cmo5
    Still looking for 86' or 87' GN for $15K-$16K!
  20. Mrneg9
    Mrneg9 ScottyG
    Awesome deal. Stand up member. Thanks.