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  1. 88boostedmonte
    88boostedmonte Jim SSX
    Did u get this swap done?
  3. chris
    chris Kevinfolger2006
    Sorry, transmission sold.
  4. GrandV6
    GrandV6 TinysTurboPerf
  5. tbkustomz
  7. 88boostedmonte
    88boostedmonte blacknight80
    Can u make a stand alone harness or one that will work in a monte carlo
  8. 88boostedmonte
    88boostedmonte forcefed3.8's
    Can u make a harness for a monte Carlo with a gn motor swap
  9. twin2turbo87
    twin2turbo87 Daniel Jost
    I have some questions on the ignition. I’m not getting any ignition signal from the car or stim (2.2). Although the hand written diagram you have on your other thread is not the same as the manual. For a dis setup. Can you help me out?
  10. yuh8tng
    yuh8tng Tori
    what part of cali. are you in? i might be interested in the power brake setup.
  11. JR powers
    JR powers
    Can you upgrade the turbo on a 1983 T Type?
  12. balmori amaya
    balmori amaya
    Looking for f41 Underhood braces .
  13. balmori amaya
    balmori amaya
    Does anyone have f41 under hood braces for sale .
  14. sparko112
    sparko112 earlbrown
    Hi Earl, I followed the link u gave me. I checked out, my email is

    shipping address:

    Will Da Silva
    223 Britannia Ave
    Bradford, Ontario
    1. earlbrown
      I'm not showing it on my end. What link did you follow?
      Oct 10, 2017
    2. sparko112
      I sent $123.00usd to earl brown with paypal from the link you gave me. I have the receipt, that I sent payment.
      Transaction ID: 7TE94444MV6109129/ visa
      payed on September 30/2017
      Oct 10, 2017
  15. 87_TX_T-Type
    87_TX_T-Type Kibster
    Kibster - did you ever resolve your soft brake issue? I saw your post, but no one replied. I just converted my brakes to vacuum, and I'm having to pull up the brake pedal with my toe.
  16. Robert Fullerton
    Robert Fullerton vacuum 6
    I'm not easily impressed ............... but YOU CERTAINLY HAVE !!!!
  17. TTGN
    TTGN rayboy231
    Ray can you send me some pictures of the interior my number is 610-496-6055 Derek thanks
  18. balmori amaya
    balmori amaya
    Does any one know where I can order or find good quality seat covers for a grand national with the embroidered head rest .
  19. Turboeight
    Turboeight TRFanatic
    I am interested in your misc TR parts. Do you still have these? What part of Canada are you i?. My email is
  20. oduboky