Hendersonville, TN
My car(s)
87 Grand National meth injection; 5.7 chip; MAF; Power logger.. Rest is stock.


So tired of people thinking their setup is the only way to have a quick, reliable and sexy car. So,, Here is my setup:
Everything needed to run fast enough to have fun... Clear enough?
Hell, I wake up in the morning and piss NOS 287 octane. I wipe my ass with billeted toilet paper and still get more done before 9 AM than most people get done talking smack about their own "cam-shafts" for a week. If you are having fun with your car, do a little research, ask a few questions, (Be ready for some folks to tell you to be careful starting the car because the battery may be dead,, so why chance it, better get an Interstate battery as not to damage the hi/low relay on your fan.. bla,bla,bla..). Then go for it! Start at the ass end and bullet proof it to the front end if you can afford it... Otherwise, Have fun with your car.. There is a ton of info in the stickies here that will certainly help you save time and money. However, people look at your signature block to see what you "think" "your car has"..
Unless you have owned your car for a very long time and have all the maintenance records, or have had an expert go completly through your car, you cant truly know what has been done to upgrade it. If you ask questions, be prepared for some "genuine" answers to the questions asked. Also be prepared for some "opinions" about how Jim Bob did 2.7 seconds in 2.4 miles with a 60 time of .000001 because of XYZ. And Heaven forbid you try to race someone that is running 94 octane because your chip is on setup for 93 octane....You will blow up something...My point to everyone with a GN and "in life in general," LIFE IS SHORT! Have fun while you can. If you brake something, I guarantee you that there is a person that needs the income and will fix it even better than it was. I actually plan to break something at the 2019 Nationals. Why? because it is time for a rebuild and I am going to have fun with what is left in the HP. These cars are about way more than ETs. These cars are about wrenching and learning, making something better than it was when you started. Making mistakes and learning from them. These cars are getting there asses beaten everyday at tracks around the country due to technology and displacement factors. Even still, we wrench and learn, progress and regress. And hopefully make life long friends doing it. So yeah, I have an 87 WE2 VIN 7 109 block and if I break something... So what?


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