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    My New "Stock Driver" Car

    Thats a great looking TR, good luck with it.
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    Best Plugs For Stock Car

    Wow, 182k? I need to leave mine in longer...
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    Best Plugs For Stock Car

    I run the stock Delco iridium plugs in both of my cars and no complaints. Usually change them every 80k and they always look like new, can probably go a lot longer.
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    Help with window seal/adjustment

    If your only having trouble with the top rear at this point, try adjusting the guide pin inwards. Just make sure its not putting too much pressure on the plastic guide when closed as they like to break. I just went through this with my car last week because mine never sealed right with me...
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    paint over spray

    Is the overspray on cured paint or fresh paint? Fresh paint it tougher as its easily marred, but some mild polish should do it. If the paint is cured a clay bar will take it off in no time. My car was in a storage unit for a while and they repainted the garages without notifying me and the...
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    Window Question

    The felts that RicerX mentioned will certainly help after you replace the guide. No question the guide is broken with that much slop, pretty common issue. I had about 1/4 of the slop you had and replaced the felts, made a world of difference so you might as well do those anyway after you...
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    Window Question

    With that much slop the plastic window guide is definitely broken, gm part number 20151689. They are riveted to the window so just drill the rivets out and re-attach the new ones with some 1/4x20 bolts and nylon lock nuts. After the guide is replaced you can then see where the remaining slop...
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    Replacement window motors?????

    You can get the Siemens motors from RockAuto for $29.99 each. They're listed under VDO, but same part number.
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    Rusted mufflers killing me.

    Just saw a guy do this on that show Legendary Motorcars on Velocity. They had an original 60's Ferrari (forget which model exactly, want to say 275 GTB), and the original owner took off the factory exhaust because it was rusted and broken up inside. Anyway, he saved it and when the new owner...
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    UMI Lower CA install

    Lowers are the easier of the two. Just do one side at a time like the instructions say and there's really nothing to it. If you remove both it can sometimes be hard getting things to line up, so as long as you go one side at a time you'll be fine. Make sure suspension is loaded when you...
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    coolant hose sealant

    You really shouldnt need any sealant to seal coolant hoses, clamps will do just fine. If you must lube them try silicone or lithium grease, I would stay away from brake cleaner as it tends to dry out rubber fairly quickly.
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    Diagnosing high BLM - let me know if I am forgetting something

    Agreed, the PCV has been the culprit a couple of times on my car when I had high BLM. Definitely worth looking at. First thing I usually do on a car with high BLM is remove all vacuum hoses from the block, plug them, and start the car. If the BLM goes back to normal then theres an issue...
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    Door window questions

    That makes sense. So there's no way to repair the center pin on the regulator, it must be replaced? Ill take the door apart and see what it looks like, lube everything up etc. Ill probably have a much better idea of what it needs after I actually look at it again.
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    Door window questions

    Thats good to hear, thanks TurboTGuy. I was thinking of using the loop side of some heavy duty Velcro, it seems to be almost the same material and have a bunch of it lying around.
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    Door window questions

    I used Delco motors when I replaced them. I didnt remove the glass, just removed the three bolts, held the window up with vise grips, and placed the new motors in. Im planning on taking the panels off and looking in there to see whats causing it. Hopefully the bracket is loose and can be...
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