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    Production numbers?

    I know in 87 it was called Cream Beige (Code 8509), pretty sure it was the same in 86. Definitely a rare and beautiful color. Almost bought an 87 in that color years ago, have regretted it since. That color with tan leather would have to be very rare.
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    Anyone Real Sharp On Architectural Shingle Roofing?

    I'm in the middle of getting quotes to replace the roof on my house & garage, comes out to 3100 sq. ft. of roof. Looking at the GAF Timberline lifetime shingles, anyone have an idea of what this should cost?
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    What is the best way to restore underhood plastics

    I use the Aerospace 303 for underhood detailing (and interior detailing) and its great. Its water based so no greasy mess that will eventually dry out vinyl/plastics like Armor All. It leaves a nice satin sheen as turbo39151 pointed out and looks great.
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    (Pre-Order) 1/10th RC Grand National Bodies

    More pics...
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    (Pre-Order) 1/10th RC Grand National Bodies

    Finally finished the GN body.
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    (Pre-Order) 1/10th RC Grand National Bodies

    Thanks guys, it is awesome looking. Glad someone finally made a GN body, really didn't think it would ever happen. It should look a lot better once the lights and bumpers are done, I'll post some more pictures when its all finished.
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    (Pre-Order) 1/10th RC Grand National Bodies

    Still not complete, but here are some pics of the GN body. Just finished painting the black inside and satin black outside for the air dams, grilles, bumper trim, etc. i still need to install the light buckets, rear bumper, and LEDs. Should have it done by the end of the weekend.
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    (Pre-Order) 1/10th RC Grand National Bodies

    Agreed, I still have a few Nitro trucks kicking around but i rarely use them. When they're running well they are a blast, but it takes a lot of patience and tuning to keep them running well. Even slight changes in temp/humidity can throw a tune off in a hi-po Nitro engine. Not to mention the...
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    (Pre-Order) 1/10th RC Grand National Bodies

    I had all off road RCs as well, bought my first on-road car specifically for this body. I went with a Vaterra V100 and it seems pretty decent. Pretty much any touring car will work as they are all the standard 260mm wheelbase. I considered the Associated TC4, Tamiya TT-02R, and even the new...
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    (Pre-Order) 1/10th RC Grand National Bodies

    Ordered my GN body last week, should have it tomorrow. I'll post some pics when I have it painted and mounted.
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    (Pre-Order) 1/10th RC Grand National Bodies

    This as awesome, have been waiting years for someone to do this. I big into RC monster trucks and don't actually own an on-road car, but definitely will now. Hopefully they will include window masks & a decal sheet. Doing all of the details with paint could get tedious... This is the actual...
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    Opinions of this GN

    That car is in Jersey, correct? Believe he is asking $19k for the car. I think you could find a clean car with similar mileage and similar price that still retains all of its stock parts with no stories. Just my opinion, but as said above it looks like it was modified by someone who didn't...
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    Favorite low buck daily driver

    I love my Regal GS. I drive a black 99 with 240k miles and my wife drives a Jasper Green (like yours) 2000 with 170k. Great cars for the money that get decent mpg, have decent power, and are dirt cheap to keep running. Pretty much anything with the L67 engine is a great choice for a DD.
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