New setup, Ta49,3'' GN1 Dp, RJC power plate,RJC pcv, Hooker catback w/cutout,Hye-tech headers,Hye-tech 3'' front mount inner cooler,60lbs inj w/TT chip 91oct,Hotwire,Kenny belle cold air 4'' RJC maf pipe,Maf Translator, ZO6 Maf, Build trans, PTC 10'' 2800 L/U. rear air bags,SM 2.1...

Sold my Buick T limited. Currently working on a hybrid because I have been missing my Buick.
Bronco 1995 LSX Project
Mustang LSX 6.0 1992 Current
Buick Grand National 1987 first car at 16 - Sold I regretted
Buick T Limited 1987 - Sold
Mustang LX CHP Coupe 1990 - Sold
Mustang LX 5.0 1987 - Sold
Silverado SS Intimidator Clone - Sold


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