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Aug 12, 2017 at 11:22 AM
Jan 31, 2008
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upstate NY

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TURBO PART WHORE, from upstate NY

Boostdeznuts was last seen:
Aug 12, 2017 at 11:22 AM
    1. turbo chris1970
      turbo chris1970
      I found a donor car for $400 and it ran but someone beat me to it so it's gone so if you have the parts I listed I'm still interested
    2. turbo chris1970
      turbo chris1970
      Yo Lenny it's chris from philly I need some parts so here's what I need 2 front fenders
      Passenger side complete head lamp assembly. I may need some odds and ends
      So let me know if you can swing that
    3. turbo chris1970
      turbo chris1970
      What's up Len Chris from Philly here asking a favor again , I'm having a charging problem I have a new battery new alternator and new belt so do you have pics of 87s relays on both sides I know 2 on my passenger side are melted for the AC and the one to the left
      Of that one but on the pass side the one closest to the windshield motor makes a weird sound when I put my jump pack on it so a pic of both would be greatly
    4. carryon525
      do you have a driver rear tail lamp bezel? black?
      1. Boostdeznuts
        I think I have one or 2 laying around somewhere. Text me for pics 917-613-7054
        May 19, 2016
    5. blue-t
      i still never finished the silver t type
    6. blue-t
      hey stranger what toys you got now lol
      1. Boostdeznuts
        Hey buddy. I have all kind of toys right now lol. How you doing?
        Feb 26, 2016
      2. blue-t
        cool i always liked the 67
        Feb 28, 2016
    7. Fiveg1
      Hey bro call me plz 9564327883 need some other stuff also plz
    8. turbo chris1970
      turbo chris1970
      Deal I'll either call you Monday
      And let you know my plans on when I'll be up this week thanks
      1. Boostdeznuts
        Aug 16, 2015
    9. turbo chris1970
      turbo chris1970
      Hey Len Chris from philly here I'm ready for some parts for my car so here's a list one chrome front bumper, and driver side headlight bezel with the side turn indicater on it and one driver side bumper filler ! That's it can u give me a price and would it be easier for me and you if I came up to your place or can you ship it to philly 19136?
      1. Boostdeznuts
        I can do $350 for all. The filler is brand new GM
        Aug 14, 2015
      2. blue-t
        cool i always liked the 67
        Feb 28, 2016
    10. Fuelie600
      When Dennis kirban has them in stock, he gets $69 plus dhipping
    11. turbo chris1970
      turbo chris1970
      hey lenny its chris from philly some asshole stole my phone and i lost your # and tax time is coming up and i wanted to tell you I'm interested in a turbo for my car you can get at me @ 267-701-5727 please call or text me your # if you want to do some business
    12. oh7480
      still have fuel regulator?
    13. RIDDICK
      Hey Lenny do you have 60lb. Turbo Tweak Chip its for TE-44,2800,CHAMPION IRON,PORTED INTAKE,212/212 ROLLER,STREET CHIP 93-94 GAS, 20-18 TIMING let me know can call me at this Number 917-807-8312 or Text
    14. turbo chris1970
      turbo chris1970
      hey len,its chris from philly do u have a power master that works u can sell me? give me a call 267-701-5727 i figured ide ask u cause the steering column you sold me worked just great so give me a call even if you don't maybe if u know someone that does? hope to hear from u
    15. RIDDICK
      Hey buddy give a call I lost your number 347 500 4614 Augie looking for some parts.
      do you have GN1 Valve Covers like New!!!
    16. 87GNJIM
      Hi lenny cant wait to see the car thanks.
    17. 49-blues
      Lenny do you have any useable steering columns ?
    18. gnx 000
      gnx 000
      Hi, I need a power booster for the brakes. Call me I would like to ask you some questions. (718)300-3977. Eddie
    19. OutLaw !!!
    20. Hot Air
      Hot Air
      Let me know if you decide to sell. I like the old stuff.
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    upstate NY


    87 GN stage II 4.1 motor
    85 T-Type with Stage II with Turbo 400 in process
    85 T-Type with LS 6.0 4L80E with 200 shot NOS
    87 GN with lots of motor work 6266BB turbo,83lb inj. Fast XFI
    87 Gray T
    86 White T-Type all stock
    84 Regal Prostreet with LS! motor
    67 Chevelle w/LS1 motor
    70 Chevelle with LS1 motor
    2001 Vette
    2007 Denali XL
    30 foot Catamaran w/tripple 250 drag outboard
    40 Ft. Ocean Express Cat.w/twin 572 eng. surface drive