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  • UPDATE::: i had my brother in law look at it today while im at work. he said its got to be the coil pack. due to he can hear the fuel pump working. and he says that every thing else seams fine. he pulled number 1 and found nothing wrong with it. the battery has power. so he told me i must be the coil pack. so now i gotta price it and find it. does auto zone carry trusted parts for our car.
    hey lenny sent you a comment thanks for the info. i got some work to do wen im off this week on wednesday. but i will be on like a buick all over a corvette..lol thanks man i will keep you posted.
    Just wanted to say thanks for the hood man. you are mad cool, im looking foward to doin more buisness with you soon. take care and god bless you and your family..
    No I didnt want to take pics at night .and it raining here like cat and dog nd I didnt want to pull it out in the rain to take pics. maybe later when it stop raining.
    Hey, Lenny. It's Steve from Rochester. I just signed up this morning. I didn't get any pics from you via text last night. Did you get a chance to do, or were you busy?
    do you have any pics of the FMIC?? I'm interested... please email the pics if possible to Bennymo2001@aol.com

    interested in your 442 spoiler, any cracks?? If you have a pic that would be great, and if you could let me know how much shipping is gonna be, I'm interested. Thanks!
    Hey man...

    Sorry I didnt write back to you but I broke my cell the other day. Due to the money sucking female in my life I wont be able to get the harness/rims off from you until tax time...should be the first week in Feb. When I get everything back. You said you had 60lb injectors too, right?
    sorry i just seen your post i just usally check my pm's not my post so i do apologize for not checking that id really like to get $6000 for the whole package but now im just looking for an offer. you can call me at 515 401 7122 luke
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