Ernie GN

My car(s)
1987 buick Grand national
1972 chevy cheyenne super short bed


This is my new build already in the works, 97% street car.
Stock 109, Bore 3.830, Stroke 3.625, Rods 5.970, Aluminum pistons 9.0:1 compression, all Forged internals, Gn1 Champion aluminum ported heads, Roller rockers 1.55

(No cam picked yet) but roller is the plan

Port matched stock intake to heads, RJC power plate, 80 pound injectors, 62 mm ported stock throttle body, RJC 315 intercooler, Duel E fans, 6266 turbo BB precision 2nd GEN, 3 inch down pipe w/internal wast gate, Manual RJC boost controller, Power logger, Scanmaster G, Maf translator plus, 3.5 inch Maf, Wideband O2 system plugged into power logger for tuning, 5.7 chip, using 93 octane, 320LPH fuel pump w/ hotwire, And eventually alcohol injection, 3.42 gears, stage #2 2004R transmission built by Jimmy's trans here in IL, 2800-3200 stall
my car is lowered so i use a small tire
26 inch tall
full weight car



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