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  • Thanks for the tech advice because I'm not very smart that way. But what you said is so true and should REALLY be remembered, "We are all in this together!" Thanks bro!
    Thank you very much for accepting my apology. I can say that I am not Dem nor Rep and I do dislike how heated things can get between them. We are ALL in this together. I have plenty of respect for you now as well and if you ever need any tech advice or parts let me know!
    You are a good man Justin. One of my closest friends is a hard core Republican. She is a great person but we disagree on some topics. Because we disagree doesn't mean we should hate each other. Thanks for the note and I have much respect for you because of it.
    I have to apologize. I must admit, I do not care for Obama and the way he has handled his Presidency but just because you do does not mean I should bash you. I publicly apologize and hope that all of the other posters in that thread do the same. There are some awful awful things being said in there...Justin
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