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  • Hello Buick Freinds
    I learned about Turbobuick.com through freinds of getting my GN back up and running . I would like to thank Jack Cotton and David Husek ,getting me " Reved Up " again !
    I need alot of work again ,blew head gasket ,needs paint. Have good foundation of engine with GN 1 ,218 cam ,Art Carr tranny but will need bigger Turbo . I thought about salling car and getting another ,still havent decided. Someone wants my car $4500 .

    I do want to have another 87 Grand National or T-Type , since I've owned two GN's since 95 . I cant live without one !

    Ok Since I sold my GN . I want another one . Man like breaking up with a girl !
    " You still want to take out and Burn Rubber " !
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