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    2000 Chevy 1 ton crew cab service truck, no rust!

    Charlie, pm sent for truck owner contact info. Tx
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    87 Turbo T, Astro Roof, Spoiler, Texas Car, $17,500

    I long-hauled with this car this past summer on the hot rod power tour......a real nice, well sorted car. GLWS pal!
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    Any top notch turbo Buick shops in southern Ohio?..

    I'm looking for a reputable shop that can do some work on my 11,000 mile 87 T type.....want the usual stuff, turbo, injectors, fuel upgrades, etc.....anyone have any recommendations in the Cincy/Dayton etc area?.....TIA
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    1986 silver T-type 39,000 miles

    Jeff, interested....sent you an email and left you a vm. Chris
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    a/c compressor

    Not sure, but fwiw, just bought a new, nos compressor from highway starts....about $230 shipped......seemed like a no brainer.
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    Slammer is the man
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    1986 GN, 41k Miles, New Paint, Great Interior for Sale

    Fantastic ad, very well written....glws.
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    GNX John (Excellent)!!!!

    We call him "Slammer"!
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    FS: 1983 Malibu Wagon in Central NJ

    No my 72 sport wagon. I've forwarded this ad to a buddy a few times, wish he'd step up!. Good luck on your sale, its a nice shag!
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    GNX style wheels (4 GTA fronts) with OEM style GNX center caps 1k miles on them!!!

    Hey, still interested..........all I need to know is what shipping would be. Also, are lug nuts included?
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    1986 Turbo T Type Gray 63,000

    Very nice Slammer!
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    Black GNX style wheels w/tires (1K miles on rims & tires)

    Ok, just lmk if you'd be willing to ship.....i will understand if a local wants them and can pick them up. Thanks
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    Black GNX style wheels w/tires (1K miles on rims & tires)

    Interested......I know it's a pain in the a**, but would need shipped to 45701 Ohio ......would you mind finding out what that'd cost?...also, lug nuts included?...thanks. Chris