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  • This is Cliff's Mom. I just wanted to say Thank You for being a part of his passion for racing, for cars, and for life! RIP my sweet boy!
    I am very sorry this tragedy happened to you. As unfair as it may seem things happen for a reason. Rip
    This is not the kind of post I like making on someones page. I never got the chance to meet you, but the other guys said you were a super guy, so thats what I have to go on. Since everyone here that I have ever met is pretty super themselves, I trust in them whole-heartedly. Cruise well and wait for the rest of us to show up...
    RIP Turbo Brother.
    small world i find that i meet cliff on here and my wifes co worker is also a friend of cliff. sorry for your loss wish i could of met him sound like a great guy.
    Thank you for all of your advice, encouragement, and fun. We will miss you! Rest up, where I get there I want my race!
    R.I.P man. Sucks I never got to meet you but your help through texts and over the phone was irreplaceable. You will be missed :(
    did you want to meet up later today for the front mount. and is this the 5 inch thick unit that weighs around 50 pounds. if so i still want to buy it. Thanks Rich.
    I have a shipping address in Montana. Zip is 50484.If you don't mind shipping it I'll take it.
    Like to see a pic fisrt though if thats possible. Did you use a manual master cyl? Are you selling that separately.
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