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    #428 on eBay a clone or not? $110k

    This car is local to me, happy to check it out if anyone is interested. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Cleaning the Gnx turbo shield

    I agree with the BBQ Hi temp paint. It is what Joe Harrington used on the repro shields and it looks factory.
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    Installing turbo

    I have always done without. Using an 86/87 return line with the nut cut off made install much easier. The stock return line is pretty short so its tricky.
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    FOUND GNX 249

    Paul, How do you know it is 249?
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    FOUND GNX 249

    I feel like most of the story on the car is missing. Any more info on the car or a link to where it is posted for sale? Keep in mind this forum along with a registry is a great way to keep track of these cars. The more info the better!
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    Keep it or make it go away

    I'd leave it on. If anyone ever wanted to remove it a heat gun and 5 minutes of your time would get it off.
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    Where can I purchase a braided oil return line/turbo coolant line?

    The TR customs one will not work for the 84/85 because the return line slides into a grommet on the intake and the 86/87 is threaded in. The best style return line used on my 84 was the original 86/87 (because it was longer) with the nut cut off.
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    I let a local Photographer shoot my GNX

    Here is one of the ZR1 that really pops!
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    I let a local Photographer shoot my GNX

    A friend in the local car scene likes shooting cars so we spent some time shooting my GNX and ZR1. Here are some of them:
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    GNX 250 invited to Eyes On Design (Edsel&Eleanor Ford House)

    Very cool...Nice of the owner to offer it up!
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    GNX Pricing going up soon..way up

    I am not sure that a single sale or the article will drive prices way up for all cars but creating a higher water mark does help build the cars value. Currently as a whole collector car prices are starting to climb. With that being said certain cars tend to "Bubble" and then even out. In 04-08...
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    GNX #379 for sale

    Here are some pictures of the car (Posted for Aaron)
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    GNX #379 for sale

    Aaron, If you are able to please post a few pictures of the car. Usually this is the first thing that people ask for and it will help you get it sold. If your not sure how to you can email them to me: and I will post them for you.
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    Thanks to Jay for his TV Mounting Help!

    Last Saturday Jay helped out slapping a new TV to the wall. Not only is he a good detailer but he also is good at this stuff too! It was great when we put it up however after watching TV for a few hours the angle was just too high. I thought that I would have to change the whole room around...
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    MAGNA March NJ Meet 3/22/2015 @ Five Guys in Sicklerville, NJ

    Hoping to make it....what I will be driving will depend on how much crap they put on the roads.
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