1987 Buick Grand National *Only 9,000 Miles*


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May 24, 2001
This 1987 Buick Grand National has only 9,000 miles. It has some very neat options including T-Tops, Digital Dash, and posi rear. When new it was undercoated and has a dealer-installed anti-theft system in it. It still has R12 for the A/C which works great, original tires come with it, and original GM floormats.

It was special ordered on 6/19/1987 and after production, the original owner took delivery on 7/24/1987 from Lindeman Buick in Westfield NJ. The car was owned by the original owner for the past 32 years before selling it to relocate.

Along with the below history the car acquired most of its 9000 miles between 1987 and 1991. The previous owner had several Turbo Buicks and kept the miles low on this one. After 1991 the car was driven a few times a year to ensure everything operated as it should. The car never received any performance modifications and its original tires come with it. In late 2018 the original bumper fillers deteriorated as they normally do and shortly after new ones were installed the car was involved in a fender bender. A car pulled out in front of it on a busy NJ highway and with little time to stop this GN ended up hitting the other car which caused damage to the front bumper, filler, and header panel. The car still has a clean title and was repaired with parts sourced from G-body parts. It's incredible how you can spend 32 years protecting a car and have something like this happen.

Detailed history:
6/19/1987 - Ordered
7/24/1987 - Took delivery
1/20/1990 - Car was repainted due to getting overspray on it when the garage it was stored in was painted.
6/28/2005 - Powermaster Brake Switch was replaced (GM did it for no charge)
8/7/2009 - Original tires were removed and replaced with the ones currently on the car
6/8/2017 - Headliner was replaced
5/10/2018 - Front and Rear Bumper Fillers were replaced
1/17/19 - Car was involved in a fender bender and passenger front was damaged. Someone pulled out in front of it and the bumper, filler, bezel, and header panel was damaged. (Have Police report)
7/19/19 - Owner relocated and I purchased the vehicle
There is an extensive paper trail that includes:
Bill of sale
Copy of canceled check from down payment
Odometer statement
Owners Manual Books
GM Protection Plan card for the extended warranty
Ultra Seal Undercoating agreement
Service records

Car shows extremely well and is investment quality.