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  • Am out of work now but I only found one unit jus let me know if u still wanna me my # is 9172995728 eddie
    If you are still looking for a grill I have one out of an 86 on ebay.

    Bidding starts at 40.

    Buick Grand National T-Type Grill 85 - 86 Regal Black: eBay Motors (item 260661257731 end time Sep-13-10 21:51:42 PDT)

    please send me pictures,very interested.Is the the oem material that has the shine too it?(lordeo2@yahoo.com).If it is NOS i'll take it.Eddie
    im interested in turbo. i would like to call uor callme im very interseted in it .my number is 704 8428587.i would like some picks on itif alll possible.my email address is regalwe4@aol.com thanks kevin i would like at first shot at getting it
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