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    When You Get A Chance....

    Agreed, but just watch the right side and you'll see the empty boxes, then you know where it starts.
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    OK, thanks..i guess. ... fuck horse sneeze addict was not what i consider joking.. just suffered a personal loss and trying to reach out to those in need as those reached out to me
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    I'm not sure why you would post such a response but we'll all be judged
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    RIP Neal Peart

    the Dr.
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    I have battled it for 40 years.. if any TR brothers feel it.. you're not alone.. feel free to reach out... don't give up hope.. we are there for you. Feel free to contact me directly. l a j e f z @
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    Stereo?? Yes/No

    I run an aftermarket with two amps, seven speakers... voltage is not a problem.
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    alright!!! Site is back up

    Thanks for the hard work guys
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    New, current updated Michigan thread.

    Halloween car show at Dooleys Roseville on the 27th. Starts around 2. Had to call and ask since their webmaster/FB is too clueless to promote. Anyways its usually a good turn out. DJ, costumes, candy for the kids. Also show at the Packard Proving grounds this Sunday 1-5
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    New, current updated Michigan thread.

    Tonight Holly Halloween car show 4 - 8
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    IAC Issue

    Reset the IAC and take it from there
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    New, current updated Michigan thread.

    Bill Chumack , he died peacefully in his sleep (Thursday 9-19-19). arrangements haven't been made yet, but plans are for a celebration of his life sometime in the near future. RIP buddy, will miss talking to you at the car shows.
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    New, current updated Michigan thread.

    We will be meeting at the SW corner of Gratiot and 23 this Saturday.. there is a Wendys, Coney Island, and a great bar right in the lot... Oreilleys was giving out hot dogs last year..... starts at 12.. hope to see everyone there... Big Toast to Bill scheduled !!!!!
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    New, current updated Michigan thread.

    His name was Bill, he frequented many of our local shows.
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    New, current updated Michigan thread.

    A member of our local group passed.. not sure if it is my place to say.. but it saddens me greatly......
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    Anyone Knowledgeable About Residential Water Treatment/Filtration?

    google says RO removes them.