1. A

    Orange ECM Power Wire from Battery

    Guys My car wouldn't start after sitting three days with the battery disconnected after the Darryl Starbird car show. I was able to use a test light and determine that I wasn't getting power after the black cylinder thingy on the orange ECM Power wire... I cut and stripped the wires tied...
  2. T

    ECM modifications for low impedance injectors

    I have 5 sets to sell at this price. 125.00 shipped in the continental U.S. contact me for shipping info to elsewhere.... I mod your ECM: You send it, I mod it and return it to you. Please pick a decent ECM, make sure it runs correctly and does not have corrosion in the main plug. Clean...
  3. Kyleh24

    Factory 86 chip

    Looking for info on a Delco ATH chip from a 86 GN. I can't see the number due to the plastic carrier. Google didn't help. So my 86 is stock except for a few things: brakes, rear seat brace, fuel hot wire kit. The car is in very good shape for stock (and I would like to keep it that way as much...
  4. J

    PREVENT orange ECM connector from making contact?

    I know, this is a somewhat unusual question, but I want to basically make it appear my GN won't start ... or stay started rather. I know you can just disconnect the orange cable and it will accomplish one or the other (forget which at the moment), but I want it to appear it is snapped...