Factory 86 chip


86 GN , 87 White T
Jan 15, 2014
Looking for info on a Delco ATH chip from a 86 GN. I can't see the number due to the plastic carrier. Google didn't help. So my 86 is stock except for a few things: brakes, rear seat brace, fuel hot wire kit. The car is in very good shape for stock (and I would like to keep it that way as much is practical). So I had to replace the exhaust due to age, and went with a Pypes with a low flow cat. Now I get ridiculous knock and newly installed Scanmaster shows lean. I know the next step will be a fuel pump and guage. What I am curious about is how strong this car is off the line and in 2nd. It pulls Hard and I am only part throttle to prevent knock. I love the acceleration. The stock turbo spools fast. Any information or advice is appreciated.
Get a TurboTweak chip. Better yet get a chip and injector combo. That stock chip has too much timing for today's pump gas.
stock chip should not be that bad on pump premium, so long as you are running stock boost (13.5 psi).... so you should check the wastegate control hoses and verify your boost.

However, the modern chips like the TurboTweak (and mine) have lots of advantages.

Thanks for the replies. I put in a TT chip that is for stock (except a TA49, which only Eric can tell me if there's any difference) I still get lean dipping below 750, but much later inthe pedal. I bought 42's and a TT chip from a fellow member, and so I will get the upgraded fuel pump and guage as well. Does anyone have a recomendation of a Guage that has a hose for hood mount, but can be then mounted under hood? And also which fuel regulator?