fast xfi

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    Pre-install XFI check list and general rules

    Hi erveryone, I have this up on the FB XFI group but I have decided to post it also as it can pertain to all types of ECU's on the market. I feel its important to all the buick members, so here it is. The motor must be in reasonable condition, no weak cyls. The battery must not be weak or...
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    WTB E - Dash for XFI

    Want to Buy E-Dash for XFI in excellent working condition and minimum cosmetic blemishes (on the blemishes) UNLESS the price is low enough to distort my vision of more obvious cosmetic faults. BUT NO CRACKS ON THE DISPLAY SCREEN OR FAULTY/NOT WORKING BOTTONS. Let me know what you have.
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    fast xfi

    any setups for a fast xfi setup for my 86 gn. im looking for everything that'll make it run, pm me a price or text it to me at 901-255-4079 thanks James.