Pre-install XFI check list and general rules


Classic fast, XFI, SPortsman & MS3 programming
May 25, 2001
Hi erveryone, I have this up on the FB XFI group but I have decided to post it also as it can pertain to all types of ECU's on the market. I feel its important to all the buick members, so here it is.

  • The motor must be in reasonable condition, no weak cyls.
  • The battery must not be weak or dead. If the car has been sitting with a charge put the charger on it day before.If it cranks and shows 9.5 volts or lower during cranking its toast, if you fully charged it before.
  • The fuel pressure should be set to 43-44 lbs hose off key on.
  • The coil pack needs to be put on caspers tester to make sure it does not misfire under load.
  • No loose-internally torn spark plug wires.
  • No exhaust leaks Pre-turbo or even at the turbo is bad. As the O2 will pick up the air entering between firings and show lean, but the car is actually rich. This will cause havoc on the tune.
  • No loose/ broken grounds on the back of the pass side head.
  • No cracks in the vac hoses routing to the egr and fp reg , and to fuel cansister. All these hoses rot.
  • Check for excessive wear on the cam gear as this will cause cam timing to become erratic if its severly worn. Until one day it wont start anymore.
  • Are the sensors reading reasonable for temp , kpa etc?
  • Finally, use common sense its an ECU it only can do so much dont expect miracles!