Turbo Tweak ECU-GN and what to expect


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For the last few weeks ive been doing some testing with the new ECU-GN Turbo Tweak ecu.. Everything has been very positive. Eric has really taken it to the next level here. This system installs very quickly especially if an O2 bung is already present. Just quickly de-pin the O2 sensor plug and pull it through (other widebands can be used but the diagnostic features of the sensor will not be in effect if using another wideband)and either a hose to operate the internal 4 bar map sensor or wire(s) to run your current under hood map sensor. I also pulled through an 8 conductor wire to add in auxiliary sensors. I have to do a few updates to the test vehicle to get the full effect of this system. I plan on adding in a harness to be able to connect to my coil near plug ignition and add in boost control both of which will be controlled by the ECU-GN with no additional modules. External ignition modules and boost controllers will be a thing of the past once i get everything installed. I need to do a few fuel system modifications to really be able to explore the potential of the engine in the test car but am limited on time currently. None the less it really delivers.. Ive barely scratched the surface of the potential of this system and its potential. Ive posted about this on Facebook and repeatedly was asked for a comparison to other ecu's. Well im not going to compare. Those that are curious can look at the info below and ask themselves if their current or planned ecu can do all this.


Here's what can be expected with this system taken directly off Eric's website:

WB O2 sensor, cable, bung
USB communication cable
Software – TunerStudio Ultra included with custom screens
Startup tune

1984-1987 Buick Turbo Regals, Grand Nationals, & 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am
Plugs directly into the stock ECM harness and location
Integrated 4-Bar MAP sensor, and full time barometric pressure sensor
Integrated digital wideband oxygen sensor controller, sensor and bung included (Bosch 4.9)
-communicates digitally to eliminate ground offsets and inaccuracies
Peak/Hold injector drivers for low or high impedance injectors
Sequential Injection (or semi-sequential, bank to bank if desired)
Controls stock Buick ignition, newer coilpacks, or coil per plug
Datastream output compatible with existing Scanmaster devices
Bluetooth or WIFI wireless capability
CNC Billet Aluminum Case
LED Indicators on case for troubleshooting
Easy connection terminal strip built in for expansion sensors
Expansion connector for optional harness (coil per plug, etc)
Unused terminals in the stock harness are re-assigned for new input/output
Compatible with Caspers fuel/oil pressure sensor kit through EGR plug

Speed density, VE based tuning (optional blending with Alpha-N, or MAF if desired)
Wideband O2 closed loop correction
Autotune feature (live or from log files) and long term fuel correction (adaptive)
Use original knock filter (ESC), or onboard knock processor
Per cylinder fuel injector correction
Per cylinder ignition timing correction
Flex Fuel Capability
Table switching
Internal automatic datalogging with 8GB SD card (or bigger), and external logging with laptop
Onboard real time clock, logs have proper date and time
2-Step or 3-Step limiting (not with stock ignition module)
Traction control
Boost control (internal and external gates with CO2)
Nitrous control
Water/Alcohol injection control
Transbrake control
Fuel pump speed control
Many engine safety controls
Fuel pressure compensation
Built-in Optional Antitheft

Standard Inputs:

Crank (VR, Hall Effect, or Optical)
Cam (VR, Hall Effect, or Optical)
Barometric pressure (separate full time)
A/C Request
Park/Neutral switch
3rd gear and 4th gear from transmission
Oxygen sensor (built in wideband)
VSS mph (VR conditioned)

Extra Unused Inputs:
10 Analog 0-5v inputs
1 Frequency input for Flexfuel sensor (or MAF)
1 Frequency input for auxiliary VSS (VR conditioned) – for traction control
3 Digital (on/off) inputs, ground switched

Standard Outputs:
6 Peak/Hold Injectors – 4 amp
6 Ignition outputs for coil per plug, or stock ignition or aftermarket coilpack
Fuel pump output (can do PWM speed control with solid state relay)
Idle control (IAC) stepper output (operates in closed loop like stock, or open loop)
Torque converter clutch (TCC) output (controlled by MPH, gear, load, TPS)
Air conditioning clutch control (ACC) (controlled by TPS, MPH, RPM, add IAC steps)
Canister purge control (currently configured as an optional output)
Wastegate solenoid control (closed loop or open loop, MPH or gear)
Radiator Fan control (controlled by MPH, TPS, coolant temp, add IAC steps)
Tachometer output
Service engine soon light
Wideband O2 diagnostic LED on case

Extra Unused Outputs:

Many outputs are configurable as on/off or pulsewidth modulated (PWM)
4 high current outputs (5amp, on/off or PWM), ground switched
2 PWM medium current outputs (3amp, on/off or PWM), ground switched
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An example of a log. Everything is logged and you can select what you want displayed and can quickly capture sections of a log for avg, min, max, and delta. The logging abilities even with the laptop are above and beyond all expectations. The SD card can log even more.
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They started shipping yes. I can't ship them all in one day, so they are a few per day.
That was no small feat bringing this product to realization. Great dedication and work for such an inexpensive upgrade, in such a small market.

Also great job by @bison for posting capability details, real life results, & secrets. Lol

No doubt, huh? Absolutely incredible - the dedication of Eric (and Bison as well)! And it has to be for the love of these cars! Because the target audience is too small to expect much of a return. Most Especially, if the prices I’ve heard are true?

And is it just me, or does it sound as though the ECU-GN features and capabilities bests, even the best that is out there, right now? (aka Fast)?

Mine still has some growing to do. However, I can’t wait until my car is ready for this!!

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And is it just me, or does it sound as though the ECU-GN features and capabilities bests, even the best that is out there, right now? (aka Fast)?

It's not just you. The MS3Pro core is as capable as any other system on the market. Eric (and DIY for their ECM) have done the hard work of integration with our platform.

It has limitations, but the vast majority of us won't hit them.