New Buick XFI Sportsman ECU!!!!


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Jul 12, 2003
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The laptop programming issue was easily solved by Cal, and we finally were able to do a road test as it was 100 degrees for the first time in over a week as it has been 110+, and no road tests are done at that temp!

Car ran ok, but shortly on the road, an error code for the O2 came up and the values were not normal?

After another hour checking the wiring with no improvement, a call to Cal he said check to see if the O2 was heating like it should, that proved to be negative.

I ordered 2 units, so it was a simple fix as the second harness and ECM was installed and the problem was solved.

Over the years many aftermarket items may have bugs like this, and I am so grateful for Cal's tech support and expertise, as well as standing behind his products! :)
Wonder if the issue was with the ECM or the harness. Nick did you switch one at a time or just switched everything at once?



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Nov 17, 2017
If you've ever wanted an aftermarket ecu but couldn't justify the cost, FAST & Hartline Performance have come up with the answer. We have been working closely with the engineers at FAST on the Buick XFI Sportsman.
Wondering if you will be offering a black Friday, Cyber Monday sale on this setup? Thanks Damian
This a COMPLETE plug and play ecu with an introductory pricing of $849. This INCLUDES:
- Special XFI Sportsman ECU with true speed density fuel control and data logging
- Casper's custom adaptor harness
- Wide Band O2 sensor
- Communication cable and software

The Buick XFI Sportsman will come with a Buick program already installed into the ECU. This will be custom program built for your specific combination just like we do on the standard XFI.

To keep costs down, the Buick Sportsman XFI does not have internal boost control (95% of our Buick customers already run an external controller i.e. RJC, Lorenz, Leash, AMS, etc..). It has the ability to run E85 or other alternative fuels, but no provision at this time for a flex fuel sensor input. No Individual cylinder fueling or timing.

The Buick XFI Sportsman is compatible with the popular eDash touchscreen display. The Buick XFI Sportsman is also adaptable to Coil Near Plug operation with the optional EZ-LS Ignition Controller and is compatible with the optional EZ-TCU Transmission Controller. This ECU will fill the needs of 90% of the Buick market at less than half the cost.

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Feb 19, 2005
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We now have our "Glove Box" mounting bracket designed for the NEW XFI Sportsman! The new brackets will be powder coated and come with the holes already in the bracket for you and all the mounting hardware. Yes using this bracket does require you to remove your existing glove box BUT with this mount you can still use your glove box for registration papers and such! Next to the buy now button for this bracket is also a video that shows you the correct way to remove the glove box and install it back...

** Hartline Performance will also be carrying these brackets as soon as they are finished.

Introductory price $70.00 Click this link to place your order

20171113_133441_HDR.jpg 20171113_133454_HDR.jpg
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Feb 19, 2005
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I'd be lost without my glovebox. There's not many places to put stuff in these cars anyway! If it was strictly a race car I would do one of your brackets

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With our bracket you loose the big original box but you can still store registration papers and stuff under our bracket, it's not gone 100%.
20171113_133441_HDR.jpg 20171113_133454_HDR.jpg


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May 19, 2014
What are you looking for? Sportsman’s are still available for sure. Just reach out to Cal or Holly and they’ll hook you up.
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