1. G

    Turbo heat shield

    I have a bone stock 87 GN with 95k miles, and its finally time to update my Buick. What is the best powerlogger/ scantool setup currently available?
  2. garyk1970

    Have a powerlogger and car acting weird? Look inside.

    I recently bought a 87turbo Regal and it’s been having interment issues. Long start, bogging on acceleration, and rich . It acted up yesterday and I tapped on the pcm housing and the car started fine. Time to check the powerlogger to pcm board connections. I took the pcm apart and wire brushed...
  3. dank GN

    Full windows 10 car PC

    i installed a lattepanda which is a single board computer with full windows . I have 164gb of storage added to it . I can proxy in from my home PC and download the run files to review and tune . So I will be runing powerlogger in it as well as tunerpro . The install isn’t complete but is mounted...
  4. N

    ScanMaster not showing 02 millivolts since powerlogger installed??

    I recently installed a powerlogger from tt. It is logging and came with an upgrade chip for my scanmaster which i swapped. since installed everything works but the 02 millivolts. now i cannot tell if i get knock if its false or not. Has anyone run into this issue? TIA
  5. 3

    First start-up with PowerLogger - Quick Feedback on .DAT file

    Hi All - I've been a fan of the forum for a while, so thanks for all the reading, I just installed (or attempted to...) the PowerLogger program and I though a member with more experience with it could review the initial idle .dat file and let me know if something seem strange with out a road...