1. H

    New TR6 w AC-Delco coil

    Selling a new TR6 that was used for mock up only. Has never seen power. Included a new AC-Delco coil as seen in pictures. New direction with ECU is the only reason I’m selling this unit. I know they get hard to find at times especially a new one. I will also send the directions that I...
  2. T

    Holiday Special on TR6 - Ends midnight on November 27

    We are running a special on the TR6 Ignitions for the week of Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Each TR6 ordered will include free Taylor plug wires and free shipping (Canada included) Our web page has been updated to reflect this special. Thanks guys!! Bob Bailey
  3. dank GN

    Full windows 10 car PC

    i installed a lattepanda which is a single board computer with full windows . I have 164gb of storage added to it . I can proxy in from my home PC and download the run files to review and tune . So I will be runing powerlogger in it as well as tunerpro . The install isn’t complete but is mounted...