1. Turbo6inKY

    So, you say it's not building boost?

    Umm, there's a chunk missing from the inside of this flange? Oh! There it is! Dodged a bullet on this one. No damage to the valve or the seat, and nothing made it through to destroy the catalytic converter.
  2. J

    Wastegate solenoid vac line

    I see the drawings here but need clarification. Two vac lines on the wg solenoid. I clearly see that one closest to fender goes to the Y near the 2 port wastegate. But does the other connect to a line coming from the vacuum block; a line that seems to have two or three lines and maybe going...
  3. dank GN

    Porting the wastegate hole

    I just wanted to show everyone some pictures of the porting I did on this turbine housing. If you want your turbo to not have issues like boost creep ,surging, ect it’s wise to match up your flap on your downpipe to the wastegate hole . Basically what I did was smear alil grease on the flap then...
  4. O

    Internal or external haye for Autocross

    I have a stock style Wastegate now on a 3" downpipe that I have autocrossed with. Are you guys running an external seeing any benefit ?
  5. B

    Wastegate Solenoid Error - Code 31

    Been trying to track down this code for a bit and I'm stumped. Things I tried: Checked all fuses Tested TCC (from this post) Unplugged TCC Tested WG electrical State of the Car: 1985 T-Type Vacuum hoses are new Wastegate solenoid venting to atmosphere (T removed from PCV) Vacuum Brakes...