1. D

    Continuous Electrical Gremlin

    I have had an 87 gn for about a year now. I brought it from FLA to CA. Won on eBay, and been very happy with it. But….. since I’ve gotten it, I’ve been chasing this electrical gremlin since time of purchase. I’ve gone thru multiple new alternators (3) and batteries (3). The issue at the moment...
  2. dank GN

    Ms3pro Evo install

    Hello everyone one in the turbo buick community. I am starting a ms3 pro install in my turbo Buick . I’ve been wanting to remove all my old stock wiring . I have had electrical issues ever since I have purchased the car so hopefully this will cure that issue . So I will be wiring this ms3 up...
  3. 87Limitedwo2

    Heated 02, Could it be Factory?

    I just bought this thing to keep my GN company. It has a 4 wire heated 02 sensor on it. The connector is attached to small "L" bracket on the front intake bolt and the ground attaches to another studded intake bolt at the center of the engine. The wires disappear in the factory "flat" engine...