Heated 02, Could it be Factory?


Mar 25, 2010
I just bought this thing to keep my GN company. It has a 4 wire heated 02 sensor on it. The connector is attached to small "L" bracket on the front intake bolt and the ground attaches to another studded intake bolt at the center of the engine. The wires disappear in the factory "flat" engine wire harness. There is no single wire plug there anywhere. I checked Caspers and their conversion kit looks different from what I have.

This is a CA emissions car. The only modifications as purchased are a set of 30lb injectors, chrome turbo shield and up-pipe with heavy duty hoses and clamps. Thats all. It is a non-posi car (verified) and has a non-adjustable waste-gate on it. Is it possible this is original and done by GM?
It seems to run great and has no check engine light on as of right now. Let the fun begin.
Thanks, Justin


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