0 - 1968.5 feet in 9.4 secs.?

I am trying to figure out how in the hell that F1 car got enough traction to run the 1/4 in 9 flat or better!!!:confused:

Yes you are correct that 600 meters are 1968.5 feet which is also 3/8 miles adn he would obviously be flying (around 180+mph) over the last 1/8th mile which wouldn't add much time to his 1/4 ET.

The traction is what boggles me though!!!!
On the formula one besides of upwards of 800 HP they come with very sophisticated traction control geared for accelleration not wheelspin per se. I find it easy to believe that if you spend over 2 million dollars on a car you can do the 1/4 in 9 seconds. If they gave me 2% of the 2 million ($40,000) I would run 9 second 1/4 all day.:D
Back in 86-87 either R&T or C&D tested the Benetton (sponsor) F1 car and it ran the quarter in 9.4 or so. That was then.
THe roadrace Audi R8 (twin turbo V8 I think) I remember reading an article that it ran some mid 9's@150mph or so in a Road&Track mag or something.

I imagine the F1 cars are probably faster than that. They are airplanes with wheels and truly the elite motorsports drivers IMO.

1/4 mile runs with a Jaguar F1 posted 8.3 ET around 180 MPH in an AUTOWEEK magazine about a year ago. Don't know what kind of tires used ....