What I learned from the gun shop in Virginia this week.

The best advice here.

Of course with 1200 acres and a tractor plus the horses and cattle walking all over the new digsite I may not be inclined to call the cops because.....

Cops are not your friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are not looking out for your best interest ever....


Mikey is correct.....NEVER say a f'n word to a cop...... get a lawyer FIRST!!!!
you can only fire if you feel your life is in danger, and breaking in is not your life in danger....

How do you figure that?? If I see someone in my house at 3AM Im going to feel that my lifes in danger, how can you not? and the whole thing about "think about his family", what about YOUR family!!??
here is what a very good friend of mine who is a top criminal lawyer in So Cal told me to say if i ever get arrested.

" I would like to cooperate, but will only make a statement when my lawyer is present" and then you "shut the hell up, not one word"

he/Lawyer said then you call me or they may even help you contact me looking to help/be your friend so your more likely to cooperate.

I/lawyer show up ask what your being charged with or reason your being detained, then we walk...

I asked why would i tell them i want to cooperate?

he said very simple when you tell them you want to cooperate you come across innocent, and their likely to be nicer to you and treat you better. I rather they dislike me than you

I learned it the hard way

never ever give a statement!!!!!