009 chips


atl gn

Who makes the best street chip for 009's? Some anti-theft would be a bonus.
The answer to that is really more of an opinion than a fact. It seems that different cars respond differently to different chips. Get the difference?;) It seems as though Jim Testa's name comes up when there is a tip-in stumble problem with certain cars. There have been a few guys who had this problem with various chips until they got one from Jim. Most of the chip makers in the TR community seem to have these cars pretty much dialed in when it comes to burning chips though. Most of the time, it's just a matter of a little tweaking here & there. Lance gave a good explanation of it in a post above. Well, below now. :) HTH
i use a M&M 93 chip. Seems to work well with my car, no tip in stumble compared to my reds 93 chip!