01 Regal LS Supercharged upgrades and deletions


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Getting the beater ready for Oklahoma and BG

The things done since I have owned the car besides a few performance items I have put it on a diet

Deleted exhaust past the DP, switched over to E85, dropped from 3.4 to 3.0 pulley. Race battery installed.

Rear seats gone. Front pass seat gone. Inner bumper supports gone.

AC compressor deleted and new lighter wheels.

I will be tinting the windows very dark as well.


fast NY Six

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pretty nice for a beater :) What's been done to the trans? I'm looking at doing a diy rebuild this winter, I can't justify a 3k trans from tep.


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Probably 4k in the Trans from TEP lol former owner did that. This car is a huge rust bucket though... open the rear doors and just look down. lol Bought it dirt cheap though so I really didnt care. Really the engine and Trans will go into something else down the road if I don't blow up something first. lol