016 off center stage 2 block


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I have for sale a very nice off center stage 2 block, 4” bore, no sleeve, never damaged/hurt. Includes gear drive already on block. No shipping. $4300
Louisville ky area.
Without gear drive and cam $4100


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If the cam is from a circle track application it will be on too tight of a LSA to be used in a turbo motor. Nice block BTW, clean Off Center blocks are really hard to come by these days,.

My buddy loaned me the money to a buy '69 Chevy 3/4 ton 4WD about 13 years ago. I was done with it a few years later and we (I hadn't paid him back) traded it to a guy with a Buick Indy engine, block, heads, intake and Jezel valve train. Some other misc parts in a box, too.

It's been sitting on the mezzanine in the garage ever since. Nice conversation starter..... I wonder what it's worth now ?.......