05 Turbo hyabusa street/strip/show 400+ hp


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Oct 16, 2012
Pro built no expense spared 100% turn key, 100% no issue 100% never raced, down etc..RCC turbo busa, pm me , it’s a s clean as a bike anybody will find , is in the shop as I write this to change all fluids , plugs, inspect every connection etc... it’s a fresh build , 300 miles on everything max(8000 original miles on the odo) , it has never been raced only pampered.

I’m selling it because after all the time and money a spent, when it was finally done, I bought a Viper, then on 12/16/17 daughter was born and the rest is history, it was a three year process of buying parts talking with experts on the combo etc.. for the last 2 years it’s been taken out ridden around my subdivision and to a few car shows, I haven’t even updated the sticker in 2 years, it is just an expensive toy that looks great in my garage. I want a 4 seat muscle car that I can put a car seat in , (looking for a GN with nice mods) I love car shows and since my daughter was born have had to miss out on a ton, I want to bring her with.

I have all the receipts , pictures of the build and even pictures of most of the parts when in the box (I am OCD) , honestly I built a bike built that was MUCH to fast for my capabilities, I knew this but it was fun, I’ve only seen half throttle for about 6 seconds on the highway on the 400 rwhp tune and I seen all I ever needed to see or feel. This bike will run easy 7’s with someone who has the nerve(I don’t) , but runs just as well(actually smother than any stock sports bike I’ve ever owned. Powerhouse racing in New York took days to tune this bike to perfection (my bill unfortunately shows it lol!)

I kept it stock bore and cams , as advised from Richard at RCC turbos but that is it, As far as parts virtually everything has been replaced with the best of the best, I’m going to list the major things, there will be some obvious small things I can go over with an interested buyer, there is so much that went into this.

It’s a fresh build with no more than 300 miles on everything , as I’ve barely ridden it (only 8k on the odometer) , but everything mechanical is new.

The bike has 3 tunes set in the AMS 1000 they are all tuned to perfection by gear, but you can change the boost settings in each gear as you choose , the bike runs smoother and just as cool as a stock bike, around town.

Turbo kit done by one of the best shops in the US for turbo bikes powerhouse turbos in New York
The 3 tunes and boost used below all via AMS 1000 , so it is literally a touch of the button, The bike was tuned with a combo of stock pcm, microtech 4 bar, AMS 1000, and PC5

Tunes 1,2,3 the first 2 are 93 octane pump,gas tunes, I have a stack of dyno sheets

1. 237.82 rwhp 132.99 tq , this is just on 6lb spring.(6lbs of boost) pump gas 93
2. 378.11 rwhp 221.15 tq , 18lbs of boost or adjust to 20lbs of boost for 400 rwhp both are safe pump 93 octane
3. 438.68 rwhp 256.29 tq in 24lbs of booston C16 race gas , the motor is built for 600 hp, the kit will make well over 500 rwhp but I had them stop there, as I knew I would never have big enough balls to use that much power, nor race it down a 1/4 track, and with all the money I spent (this was a 40k build) I didn’t want to break anything , better to be overly safe than push the edge, so I didn’t have them bother to get near the edge.

Motor assembled by one of the best shops in IL ..Win racing

Motor. Block replated O ringed, heads ported,Carrillo H-beams, wossner Turbo pistons , Carpenter racing springs,arp hardware , high volume oil pressure, low profile pan(bike is lowered the right way, as I had the forks done internally much more I didn’t list, no expense was spared anywhere(over 7k in receipts for motor alone

Duel spall fans with an override switch, I’ve rode this bike in to car shows in 90 degree heat and it never got any warmer than stock, it amazed me.

Trans race cut, with hardened HD output shaft, heavy duty clutch, upper and lower shift shafts(more that I’m probably forgetting

RCC ultra turbo kit (best kit money can buy) this kit alone is 11k , it’s intercooled with RCC’s famous ultra front mount plenum , fuel system to support 550 rwhp , primary and secondary injectors (8 total) etc.. just look up the RCC ultra turbo kit for a picture of every single part.

RC component alien wheels, macintosh pro aluminum swingarm 8 over , with all Macintosh lowering hardware, custom made steel Axle by terry mcintosh for very high hp and TQ this bike makes.

Tuned by powerhouse performance NY, I know nothing about tuning but they used all of the below to tune it, but it’s the smoothest bike I’ve ever rode,
Microtech 4 bar with full harness
AMS 1000 boost controller , hooked up to a 12 oz co2 which hides out of site under the tail
Stock pcm tuned in conjunction with everything else.

Steel sprocket , The highest strength best chain on the market(forgot the brand) and a ton more
Bike has auto meter air fuel, boost and fuel pressure in a custom 3 tiny pod holder right underneath the dash
Also has a mini raptor shift light hidden under windscreen , it’s the size of a crayola marker and blue
I have tons of receipts, build pictures, regular etc... and can make videos at request ,

This is a 40k build , no expense was spared needs nothing , no issue, no leaks, nothing to go over , 100% turn key ,

21.5k obo or trade for a clean Grand National with no issues , serious people only , please no lowballs, I’ll entertain reasonable offers , who ever buys this bike is getting at a steal .


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