1/18 GS/GSX's for sale


Nov 25, 2003
Selling off my collection of ERTL Buick GS's and GSX's. All are in original boxes and most never displayed. Prices include shipping to US only. Prefer to take checks or money orders, sorry no PayPal. Any questions, please ask.

71 GSX red Diamond #2 29021 $70
71 GSX blk/gold 7604 $50
70 GSX white GS Nationals 7013 $100
71 GSX bittersweet GS Nationals 7875 $85
70 GS aquamist GS Nationals 7132 $85
70 GSX yellow 7603 $50
70 GSX Goodyear turquoise 36982 $50
70 GS blue GS Collectibles 29225P $65
70 GS white GS Collectibles 29225P $65
70 GS black 10 Fastest 32756 $50
70 GS black GS Collectibles 29286P $65
70 GS red/white Collectors Guild 29187P $70
RE: Diecast 70-GS For Sale

I am interested in a couple of the diecast cars you have for sale. Could you please send me your personal email address so that I may contact you that way. I work shift work, so sometimes my replies can take a few days.
Due to some problems on my end after I started the thread, I am canceling the sale of the cars. Sorry. If the moderators want, they can delete this thread.