1 and 1 vs. spraying LS1's


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Texas Motorplex had their Ultimate Street Night Challenge last night where the format is, pick an opponent, line up and run. The tree is an Instant green with no yellows and no ET's show up on the scoreboard, so it's more like street racing.

I got in line, hoping to find someone to challenge me by the time I got up to the front. The Viper RT/10 directly in front of me was spoken for (In a match race with the track anouncer), but the car next to him (A 98Z28 with a 150 shot and ET's) didn't know this, yet. About 30 cars back, the Viper gets the call and pulls out of line. The Z28 guy was disappointed, big time. I said "you'd kill him anyway". He laughed and it turned out he was a building a Stage II '86 T-type that he'd been working on for the last 6 months. A real nice guy and the car he's building sounds killer. Since our cars are pretty closely matched we decide to race.

The track was a little slick, but it was slick for everyone. I do my burnout, and stage with a lot of boost. I can feel the car start to push and I thinking "throw the green!" I mat the pedal and got green at the perfect time, resulting in a smoking .412 reaction time. It spun but hooked back up quickly and I was out two car lengths. The Z was going to leave on the bottle so I was glad to see the initial distance. Now the Z was hooked up and running, though. One car back at 1000 feet. I've got it mashed and was just waiting for him to come around. Here come the traps, he's to my door, Got him. Man what a Race!

Afterwards, We looked over the times slips. He cut a great .5XX light and ran 12.14 to my winning 12.26. Of course he out mph'd be by 5 mph, too.

I got the call from my wife (It was almost midnight) but another LS1 "with nitrous" wanted to race me. I wanted to run atleast one 11 for the evening (my 60ft was only 1.9 on my 12.26). The line stretched in to the pits, but if I accept the challenge I could bypass the line and go straight to the lights. Sounds good to me.

The 98Z driver then tells me "the guy you're racing has more HP on the motor than I have on the spray. I think its around 430. And a 150 shot. How much knock did you have in our race?" Implying I should crank up the boost :)

There's know shame in losing to a better car (and my rod was as short as it would go - 21 #'s), so I'm going in "As Is". Besides, If I'm 15 minutes late for home, my wife will dish out 100 times more smack than anyone at the track could.

The Firebird had cam/heads and sounded MEAN. Long story short, the race was over at the lights, when my tires failed to stick and skated down the track to a pathetic 12.6@113. I wish I could have put on a little better show. I had NO chance, though, as the LS1 ran 11.3's @ 124 + mph.

Great night for racing with a good buick turnout. Hopefully I'll get to go again to the next one.
Glad you had a blast. I wish our track in tucson( SIR )would have a street type race night like your track, it sounds like much fun!