1 weeks worth of hoarding TR parts!

Michael McCoy

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-Regal trunk lid in good shape with a few scratches, it's a little dirty, & the trunk lock area is damaged slightly-$100
-headlight bezels all in driver condition, 2 of them were previously repaired and all have been repainted, the passenger bezel is cracked near the sidemarker (you've gotta get down & look up into the upper lefthand corner to see where it was damaged, the bad spot isn't visible at ride height), the middle bezel was previously a chrome driver's side bezel but it looks good and was resprayed to look nice, and the bottom bezel (a ds. also) has a very small repair made to it's upper lip above the outer headlight, but appears to have been sanded & smoothed and repainted with the correct black trim paint-$25/ea.
-(3) blacked out sidemarkers, none are cracked, & all their mounting holes are still intact-$25 for the odd one, $40 for the matching pair, or $60 for all 3 of them
-(2) high strength intercooler hoses and clamps-$10 for everything
-pair of white manual doors that were previously burgundy, no rust on their inner seams, I'm gonna keep the mirrors, inner & outer door handles, & chrome trim (unless someone needs it worse that I do)-$500/pair
-aluminum front & rear bumper supports (not pictured) that are in great shape and have never been in an accident-$300/pair
-front left & right wheelwell moldings (I've got chrome & black for all corners also) in decent shape but could use a little lovin' on one spot on the ps. molding-$20/ea.
-3" mild steel THDP in good shape & puck moves freely, with a test pipe & cut out already welded onto it-$450/obo.
Lots more stuff available. Just gotta find time to take inventory of it all amongst my sons' 7 day a week baseball habits & with working so much. Thanks guys.


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