10.50004 Parts for sale


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For sale performance parts, that came off my car - price does not include shipping:

1. Champion Irons set up for a hyd. roller
CNC ported by Champion $825
2. GN-1 valve covers $100
3. T&D roller rockers 1.55 ratio $275
4. 4" MAF Pipe set up for either
MAF or MAF-less $85
5. 3.5" to 4.00" Alum. Adapter
really sweet $150
6. 3.5" MAF $75
7. 4 - 72 lb chips from street to
+30 lbs of boost(Brutal 6 / Joe L) $75
8. 2 - heated O2 sensors one brand
new/other < 10 passes $75

Will e-mail pictures for MAF set up / neg on all prices all needs to go. Once I get my jpeg size straight will post pictures here.
suicide six said:
Im interested in heads,any info,pictures would be appreciated.

I purchased the heads form Tom @ Champion. They have the standard valve setup that he does. The springs on the heads are set up for a hyd. roller, may need to be changed depending on your cam. The heads are on my "trailer queen", I bet they don't have a 1,000 miles on them.

Let me know - they have to go
To all those who have inquired about the rockers. They were installed with the Champion heads on my "trailer Queen". As was stated on an earler thread, I bet they don't have a 1,000 miles on them. I will of course stand behind any parts that I sell. I want to sell them with the heads, but will seperate if I have to.
Appreciate the pics. I'll pass the pipe to Dave...

Thanks and Good luck with the sales!

P.s thats a smoking deal on the champion heads... :eek: