10" Gbp wheel with 275 60 15 drag radial no fender roll nice fit


Test Fit officianto
Dec 9, 2011


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Ive got 295/55 on the same wheels. A little tighter, but it fits. I am running aluminum drums. Nice wheel choice :)

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its a 4.5" backspace
Toby if I was a little smarter I'd post what mine looks like but I can't figure it out. Weld pro stars 10 in with BFG 275 60s and 225 70s on the frt. It looks like about 1 inch shorter on frt wheel well but I 'm very satified. also rides good John
It can't rub on the fender lip because you have lifted it with either the coil overs air bags or both.

Just to let folks know what it took, tell them how much over stock ride height you lifted it and how.
Very nice. What did you do with the upper perch that your spring is sitting in? When I put my coil overs in the rear of my car, the crew at TRZ Motorsports told me to strengthen the perch by adding braces to that area. In the stock configuration it is fine when the shock and spring are in different locations. Once the strut has a spring around it, that area will be compromised and on a hard launch, it will rip the perch out. Just food for thought if you haven't already addressed that.
Do look at that brake line tho, that doesn't look good.