10 sec. GN for sale

Sorry guys. My car can be de-tuned easy it has a F.A.S.T. system on it. It's very streetable the man I bought it from drove it to work in the summer 50 miles a day. Old has-been I can't tell you of a good transport company because when I bought it "John" Jack Cottons brother in-law brought it to me in Jack's trailer.

Bishir, I live in northern Ga. but would be willing to meet you if you want the car. I still don't have pictures of it after paint as my brother has my camera. Will get them asap.

Let me know if ya'll have anymore questions.
Get me some pictures when you get em. I'm 5 hours from Atlanta. I know, because I was just there looking at a car that didn't work out. :mad:
re: trades

Well, I've got an 87 GN + cash (see my post 87 GN 4 sale - mild mods) or I have a super nice 98 SVT Mustang Cobra (sacrilege?! lol) with some bolt ons that I was asking $15000 for... let me know what you think. Thanks!
oops, forgot...

Oh yeah, the wife has an 03 Explorer Sport she said something about getting rid of, too. Only 10K miles!
I know your needing cash but ive got my 85 GN with ALL new parts(interior,weatherstrip,everything!!!) to assemble, stripped for paint, and a few $$K.Any interest?? Cars in Bham.

I got 10k in the bank to buy another toy, im not trying to insult you, but thats what i have. If you were thinking of considering it PM me


Sure wish I had the extra cash for your car.I am ready to buy as soon as I find the right car I can afford.