10 sec. GN for sale

Okay,now I am getting my emails from TB.com saying you just replied to my post.Now we have to figure out why I am not receiving your emails.Do you know what the problem could be???
no I have no idea whats wrong. But I'll keep trying. Send me another e-mail so I might reply to it. ok?
If the car is still available, could I get some pics please? Send them to the addy in my profile if you would. Thanks.

1 more chance guys, I wanna go faster so if you have a stage 2 car for sale and would consider trades give me a holler.
okay lets try this again the price is now back to $15,500 firm, as I have had the H&R rear bar with the SSM upper and lower control arms and a set of H&R poly motor mounts installed. We've now got time slips to prove the performance. The best run to date is 10.64 @ 128. With a best 60' time of 1.4 off the footbrake. This is with a pump gas tune in the FAST system, and 112oct. in the tank. If you want a mid 10 second Buick that can be driven on the street this is for you. The car will be at Renyolds Nov. 5 & 6 if you would like to see it.

Originally posted by Chris McDade
Looking for another toy.

Chris you already terrorize Katy with Maroon one. Is that neighborhood big enough for two 10 second cars??..LOL :)
Who rebuilt the engine? How long ago? Did you say it had a girdle and steel mains? Thanks.
10.64@127 with slips and video to prove it for $15,500. it's been the fastest street car at Atlanta Dragway on friday 4 times this year.
new update, the car will not be in Renyolds unless somebody really wants to look at it! This car is going to be sold by spring one way or another. I have my eye on another project!