109 girdle ?


Dec 15, 2008
was wondering how much it would be worth, thinking about selling, going in a different direction

block out of a 57K mile 87 GN
bore .020
billet center main caps NEW
new RJC girdle w/crank scraper NEW

fresh from the machine shop were girdle and caps were installed, had line bore, line hone, decked, bored and honed, with new cam bearing, brass freeze plugs, oil freeze plugs behind cam gear has been taped and pluged. by a guy that takes pride in his work, been using him for 12 years.


1k unless it was done by a reputable shop on the board. I know if anyone sent it to their machine shop, it would still have to be gone thru again. Some have different tolerances and some line bore the mains with the heads on, etc, etc, they would potentially have another $1000 to 1500 in it.