Sep 2, 2007
Well drove to the track today to finally see what the buick had in it after my new build. Had a goal of 12.0 and was very happy with the results.

60ft 1.7371
1/8th 7.1092
MPH 100.44
1/4 11.0138
MPH 123.69

This was done on 255/60/15 Et street radials. 6131DBB S cover, 18-20psi (lowest it will run with 11psi wg spring), pump gas (no alky yet) All the boltons, gn1 heads, intake, FMIC, 210/215, through hooker exhaust. And the biggest component the TT SD chip.

I made 5 passes on the day first one was a 11.6@122mph no launch, second was a launch practice with a shut down running 11.58@98. Managed to be allowed to run two 11.0 passes before I got the boot for no cage.

Noticed after that the the chip wasn't running as much timing in the last two runs because I let the car heat up a bit more to the 200 degree mark, hot lapping. It pulled wot timing down to 15.9 degrees from 18 at the 160 degree mark. I am positive it would run a high 10 second pass with the timing back in it (running cooler) and a 1.6 60ft. No knock on any runs.

Very happy with the results with such a small compressor. Got some small stuff to do over the winter and get some alky and see what this small compressor can do topped out.

Also the car weighed in at 3600lbs with me in it today.

Good work. That car must be a lot of fun. Extremely fast spooling and brutal. Thats the highest mph I recall seeing in a full weight car with the stage 3 turbine. You have another 2-3mph there with timing and octane. I'd like to see you crank it out even more. See if you can get 126+ out of that little turbine. If you ran your current setup with just a turbine change you'd be trapping 129-130mph@23-24psi. The compressor could go 131mph if everything is just right. More proof you don't need a big compressor/turbine to kick ass. This setup likely outspools anything you will ever come across for a TR. Probably faster than stock. With octane and timing and a ramp in with both it will spool even faster.
I am sure i would get another mph if I had more timing the last run. Air fuel was tracking right at 11.0 to 1. I'll post up the logs of the 11.58@98 (colder run) and the log for the last pass when it was down on timing.

I did want to switch out the turbine like you said or the turbo to a new style but with the way the car has been running I think I will keep working with it for a bit the way it is.

Here is the full combo:
233ci stock crank, girdle, rods pistons, gn1 heads, intake, 70mm tb, 4" intake, 6131DBB S cover .63 hot, acufab reg, cottons fmic, 3" dp with rg45 wg, TA headers test pipe, hooker cat back, TT SD chip, 340 hw, -8 lines from racetronics sender, electric wp, no a/c.

Suspension: tubular upper lowers, qa1 coilovers, hr bar, air bags, boxed upper lowers in rear, weld prostars.
Logs first 11.58 second 11.0

Will post video soon!


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Sorry NL 10" PTC i believe dusty said it would be somewhere between 2700 and 2800 stall. And the trans was built buy milton trans and it has a art carr valve body. Shifts at 6k right on.

Forgot to mention launches were at 1-2 psi on the foot brake couldn't seem to get any traction with any more boost on the line and these tires at 17psi.
Thats the TC im using, spools that 6131bb like crazy. Im taking the car to Reynolds in Nov. Im going to turn it up and see what i can ring out of this combo. So far its been 11.20 lifting with a blown HG. Thats with alky at 20 psi.
Looks good. Didn't see what injectors you were running? And I am assuming those are Champion aluminum heads, did you have any additional porting or bowl work done or are they just as they came? Is that a roller cam? What ratio rockers?