11-12-12,Giving praise to Julio of Alky Systems


A Bozo in Buick
Feb 9, 2011
Julio from http://www.alkycontrol.com/ hooked me up today, Literarily!!

My car got torn down, but wasn't paid attention to for the rebuild, It's the first Buick GN the shop has had. Had to turn to them for the finial product of full paint job i'm after ,Long story short, Nothing went back to the original location in wiring an vacuum routing. I called Juilo, he worked me in his busy schedule ASAP an now i have a Duel Alky kit installed. (Was at the limits of a single anyway...) Along with hours of re-wring an running vacuum lines the cars ready for test rides!!

My matto "When all else fails go to the Source..." there's a whole lot LESS Disipointment....