6/12/2007 Gateway-SCSS Street Car Shootout RESULTS!

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Apr 1, 2004

These results reflect the record holders, qualifiers, and final round contestants at each of the
SX Performance Street Car Shootout Series events held each Tuesday at Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Illinois.

All vehicles compete utilizing Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) approved tires. All other modifications are permitted. Tuesday SCSS Track Records can be set during official qualifying or championship rounds. The Official Street Car Shootout qualifying period begins at 6:30 PM and concludes at 9:00 PM, (barring unforeseen circumstances). At 9:20 PM, the four quickest qualifiers meet in no-handicap eliminations with the championship final round held at 9:45 PM. Each of the Top 16 qualifiers receives a "Fastest Street Car Qualifier" decal. The SCSS trophies and decals are presented by SX Performance Fuel Systems. Additionally, the two quickest Sport Tuner drivers, (open to all passenger cars except Rear-Wheel-Drive vehicles with engines of six cylinders or more), also meet in a no-handicap championship round for trophies presented by St. Louis Street Racers.com and the two quickest Super Truck drivers, (open to all trucks and utility vehicles), meet in a no-handicap championship round for trophies presented by Gateway Raceway.com. All finalists in all categories also receive free digital images from the event courtesy of Bret Kepner Photos.com and one free entry to a future SCSS event.



Class Name Hometown ST Vehicle Engine ET MPH Date
RWD Sam Moore, East Alton, IL 93 Mustang 352 Ford 8.584 9/26/2006
RWD Sam Moore, East Alton, IL 93 Mustang 352 Ford 161.25 7/18/2006

4CYL Jon Huber, St. Louis, MO 79 Mustang 178 Ford 9.714 10/3/2006
4CYL Jon Huber, St. Louis, MO 79 Mustang 178 Ford 143.17 10/3/2006

TRK Sam Moore, East Alton, IL 92 S-10 406 Chevy 9.613 10/17/2006
TRK Steven Gleghorn, Alton, IL 94 S-10 434 Chevy 140.44 9/26/2006

RTY Eric Cheatham, Belleville, IL 93 RX-7 79 Mazda 10.048 9/26/2006
RTY Eric Cheatham, Belleville, IL 93 RX-7 79 Mazda 137.95 9/26/2006

6CYL Rob Nolan, Granite City, IL 87 Regal 231 Buick 11.041 10/11/2005
6CYL Rob Nolan, Granite City, IL 87 Regal 231 Buick 124.56 4/11/2006

FWD Adam Corbitt, St. Charles, MO 85 Golf 122 Volks 11.473 9/5/2006
FWD Adam Corbitt, St. Charles, MO 85 Golf 122 Volks 126.95 5/30/2006

DSL Phillip Blackburn, Springfield, IL 03 2500 HD 403 Chevy 11.835 8/2/2005
DSL Phillip Blackburn, Springfield, IL 03 2500 HD 403 Chevy 114.29 8/2/2005

Pos Name Hometown ST Vehicle Engine ET MPH Date

EVENT 11 06/12/2007

1 Jim Williams House Springs MO 80 Malibu 496 Chevy 9.760 113.39
2 Tim Mallicoat Collinsville IL 86 S-10 383 Chevy 10.304 130.56
3 Joe Williams Maryville IL 72 Nova 454 Chevy 10.974 122.87
4 Chad Miller Springfield IL 06 Mustang 281 Ford 11.268 124.02
5 Ben Mall St. Louis MO 93 Camaro 400 Chevy 11.432 122.14
6 Raymond Arthur Edwardsville IL 67 Camaro 427 Chevy 11.676 107.96
7 Rick Howie O'Fallon IL 94 Civic 112 Acura 11.729 122.29
8 Bob Hawthorne Woodson MO 67 Barracuda 360 Plym 11.807 112.36
9 John Scanga St. Louis MO 67 Cutlass 383 Chevy 11.945 105.19
10 Russell Price Ferguson MO 83 C20 454 Chevy 11.945 115.32
11 Frank Signorelli Hillsboro MO 00 Firebird 383 Pont 12.001 114.36
12 Tony Walsh Springfield IL 02 Corvette 346 Chevy 12.059 125.53
13 Chris Lambert Belleville IL 03 Mustang 281 Ford 12.081 112.53
14 Jon Gupton Washington MO 73 Dart 440 Dodge 12.308 107.24
15 Jason Evans St. Louis MO 05 Mustang 281 Ford 12.386 111.79
16 William Page Gillespie IL 87 Regal 231 Buick 12.429 107.60


Pos Name Hometown ST Vehicle R.T. ET MPH

W Tim Mallicoat, Collinsville, IL 1986 383 S10 0.313 10.286 130.02
RU Joe Williams, Maryville, IL 1972 454 Nova 0.475 10.853 122.78

He’s now up to six consecutive wins but, before he left his driveway en route to Gateway International Raceway, Tim “Moose” Mallicoat could never have dreamed of the manner in which he would score his seventh career title in the SX Performance Street Car Shootout Series. At the end of the eleventh event on the 2007 SCSS schedule, the Collinsville, Illinois, racer stood before the main grandstands holding two trophies after scoring only the third “double” in SCSS history…all while his eight-second ‘68 Camaro sat in the trailer since the start of the event!

Mallicoat’s trusty 565-cubic inch ‘68 Camaro started off early timed trials in spectacular fashion. Only one week after clocking his first run in the 8.7-second zone, Mallicoat launched the naturally-aspirated beast with the second quickest sixty-feet elapsed time in SCSS racing, (1.283 seconds!),
clocked the quickest 330-feet ET ever, (3.604), and just missed the all-time SCSS eighth-mile ET mark of 5.556 seconds with a 5.562/125.80 blast. The quarter-mile numbers drew a massive response from the fans; Mallicoat’s 8.675-second, 157.43 mph charge was not just the second quickest and second fastest run ever, it was within a tenth of a second of Sam Moore’s 8.58-second SCSS record!

Incredibly, Mallicoat never made it to the timeslip booth under power. Noticing a familiar lean to the left of the car on the return road, Mallicoat exited the Chevy to find a completely deflated rear tire. Although the tire lost its air sometime after the car crossed the finish line, it took a fair amount of work just to get the Camaro back to the trailer. With no spare tire and nobody using the same sized Mickey Thompson radial, Mallicoat was forced to withdraw the car before qualifying ever began!

SCSS point leader Tony Huff’s silver ’68 Nova uses nearly identical tires but, in a bizzare twist, Huff was in attendance with neither the Nova nor brother Dale’s ’66 Chevelle while both were being repaired from two separate incidents over the past month. However, just when it seemed Mallicoat would be forced to forfeit any opportunity to pass Huff in the point standing, Hal Marshall intervened.
The King of Tuesday Night offered his all-conquering ’86 S-10 pickup to Mallicoat, who jumped at the chance to qualify for the Super Sixteen field.

Meanwhile, Jim Williams’ silver ’80 Malibu was making waves. The House Springs, Missouri driver aborted two tire-spinning attempts but then finally got the 496-inch Chevy hooked up and charged to a 6.03/113.16 eighth-mile effort before Williams was forced to shut the car down and coast to a 9.76/113.39 which still gained the pole position. Within a few minutes, Mallicoat had squeezed into the tight confines of Marshall’s truck, (literally…his nickname is “Moose”, remember?), and reeled off a 10.30/130.56 to qualify second behind Williams. While a surprising number of regulars were not in attendance, (reigning SCSS champ Tony Buhl was attempting to solve his supercharged Mustang’s electrical problems after last week‘s disastrous DNQ), several other weekly competitors experienced frustrating qualifying attempts. Ray Arthur’s 10.4-second “Suspicion” ‘67 Camaro was mired in the eleven-second zone with fuel delivery issues and Joe Williams’ similarly-quick yellow ‘72 Nova was trapped in the 10.90s with an obvious electrical malady. By the time qualifying ended, only Joe Williams made the Final Four followed by an exceptional pass by Chad “The Goat” Miller’s ProCharger-equipped ‘06 Mustang, (an 11.26 at over 124 mph), which earned the first semi-final berth for the Springfield, Illinois-based FC Customs/Landmark Ford team. On a timed trial immediately after the conclusion of qualifying, Miller hit an even quicker 11.14 at 123.60 mph.

Before eliminations began, word reached officials that Jim Williams’ low-qualifying Malibu could not make the call which allowed Ben Mall’s slick red ’93 400 Camaro into the semi-finals as the first alternate. Mall clocked a best of 11.43/122.14 during qualifying but had been battling tire spin throughout the event. Pitted against Joe Williams’ yellow Nova, Mall again lost traction after a three-hundredths of a second holeshot and coasted to the stripe behind Williams’ ill-sounding 10.82/122.53. In the other half of the semi-finals, Miller’s gamble for a reaction time advantage came up red; a foul start by only thirty-five thousandths of a second on an 11.30/120.75 pass handed another final-round appearance to Mallicoat, who charged to a consistent 10.29/129.88 in Marshall’s S-10.

For Williams, the Maryville, Illinois campaigner began his Tuesday night forays as a customer of Tony and Dale Huff, it was a long-overdue chance at an SCSS title. The electrical problem, however, got worse as the evening progressed. “We think it’s a distributor problem”, said a worried Williams before the championship match, “but we’re not quite sure. We’ve tracked everything else and it seems the distributor must be the problem but, without much time to fix it, we can only run Tim in the final and see what happens”.

Mallicoat, meanwhile, decided to run for both the SCSS trophy and the Super Truck Showdown honors, (for which he was low qualifier). Immediately after the Truck dash, Mallicoat returned to the starting line to battle the Nova where a fifteen hundredths holeshot and a 10.28/130.02 stopped Williams’ still-stumbling 10.85/122.78. The victory, Mallicoat‘s seventh, placed him in a tie for the most SCSS titles earned with Tony Huff. More importantly, however, the sixth consecutive win, (a record by itself), moved Mallicoat into the 2007 SCSS Championship point lead. “I can’t thank Hal enough for offering his truck”, said a beaming Mallicoat during his dual trophy presentation, “and I can’t believe how consistent this thing is! It made four runs of 10.30, 10.29, 10.27 and 10.28. It’s amazing! The night started off great, then went bad, then went great again and it’s only because of good friends like Hal who made it all work out this way”.

NOTES FROM THE SCSS: While Chad Miller’s Mustang qualified in the top four, the other half of his Springfield, Illinois team also made the show; Tony Walsh’s Squires Turbo Systems ‘02 Corvette Z06 qualified twelfth with a 12.06 best at a ****ping 125.53 mph. The bright yellow ‘Vette is reportedly producing 537 rear-wheel horsepower…John Scanga’s wild smallblock-powered ‘67 Oldsmobile Cutlass broke into the eleven-second zone with a best-ever 11.94 at a coasting 101 mph. The St. Louisan said the silver 4400-pound monster “just stopped running down there” on the pass…The immaculate ‘67 Barracuda coupe of Bob Hawthorne and Jon Gupton’s ‘73 Dodge Dart both made the field while Hawthorne’s 19-year old son, Cody, just missed the Super Sixteen with his ‘73 Dart Sport…The sixteen-car show included representation from Chevy, Ford, Plymouth, Dodge, Pontiac, Buick and Honda…Bill Page’s ’87 Buick Grand National was the quickest of the six-cylinders with a 12.42/107.60 best and paced two other turbocharged V6 Regal drivers, Dwight Seaton (13.130/102.54) and Cliff Hughes (13.134/110.15). Six-bangers were plentiful; Bobby Ellis’ blown Chrysler Crossfire ran 13.21/107.92 and was followed by the turbocharged Nissan 300ZXs of Larry Lane (13.55/107.13) and Scott Mason (13.85/102.28)…The gang from St. Louis Club Grand Prix appeared with no less than seven supercharged front-wheel-drive six-cylinder late model GP entries. Chris O’Donovan’s ‘03 version was actually the second quickest six-cylinder of the event with a fantastic 12.78 at 111.15 mph. The rest of the club included Rick Poepping, (13.46/100.78), Tom Rockholm, (13.62/99.97), Kyle Anians, (14.18/98.04), Alex Ezell, (14.45/94.13), Zach Fricke, (14.86/91.66), and Jason Shafer, (14.99/92.57)…“Most Expensive Car of the Event” honors went to Dave Millar’s ‘98 BMW 540i which, powered by a 468 hp 268-inch V8, ran a best of 13.274/106.74. The Bimmer sold for $56,870 ten years ago!…The most obscure bit of trivia from the event concerned Bill Page and his Grand National which has now qualified on the bump spot of the SCSS Super Sixteen a total of five times since June 8th, 2004.


Pos Points Name Hometown ST Vehicle Engine

1 (12) Tim Mallicoat Collinsville IL 68 Camaro 565 Chevy
2 (11) Tony Huff Collinsville IL 69 Nova 540 Chevy
3 (8) Tony Buhl Lebanon IL 89 Mustang 306 Ford
4 (7) Raymond Arthur Edwardsville IL 67 Camaro 427 Chevy
5 (6) Hal Marshall Collinsville IL 86 S-10 383 Chevy
6 (5) Joe Williams Maryville IL 72 Nova 454 Chevy
7 (4) Rick Cardinale Florissant IL 66 Nova 421 Chevy
8 (3) Chris Gosch Bunker Hill IL 06 Corvette 346 Chevy
9 (3) George Wahby Fenton MO 74 Pinto 350 Chevy
10 (3) Robert Obermoeller Imperial MO 87 Camaro 350 Chevy
11 (3) Jack Nungester Arnold MO 71 Camaro 454 Chevy
12 (3) Marc Arnold St. Peters MO 93 Mustang 359 Ford
13 (3) Ben Nungester Arnold MO 69 Camaro 400 Chevy
14 (3) Adnan Omerovic St. Louis MO 95 Talon 122 Eagle
15 (3) Rick Howie O'Fallon IL 94 Civic 112 Acura

NOTE: Points toward the 2007 Street Car Shootout Series Season Championship are awarded on the basis of one (1) point for qualifying in the Super Sixteen field with one (1) bonus point awarded for qualifying in the top four positions.


Pos Name Hometown ST Vehicle R.T. ET MPH

W Rick Howie, O'Fallon, IL 1992 112 Civic 0.427 11.881 121.53
RU Andy Lemons, O'Fallon, IL 2004 146 Neon 0.439 12.642 103.22

The outcome of the St. Louis Street Racing.com Sport Tuner Showdown also may well have been determined by the breakage of one of the stars of the category. During the recent NOPI/NDRA Nationals at GIR, Adnan Omerovic’s black turbocharged Eagle Talon obliterated its previous 11.06/137 career best with a 10.52 at 138.10 mph forcing 2004 SCSS killer Asmir Catic to publicly abdicate his claim to the title, “World’s Fastest Bosnian”. Omerovic was intent on using his new-found power to score one more victory; his win on June 5th placed him in a three-way tie with Patrick Jacobsmeyer and Adam Corbitt for the most wins, (seven), in the Sport Tuner division. Omerovic’s first pass, however, resulted in a broken left rear axle which sent him off to his sponsor, HillCo, for yet another drivetrain rebuild.

That put Honda Master Rick Howie in the limelight. Like Tim Mallicoat, the turbo Civic pilot had been in every final round of the season with the exception of the opening event on March 27th. Howie opened with a career-best 11.79 during early timed trials, (at only 120.75 mph), and then returned during the official period to clock an even quicker 11.72 while pushing his best-ever speed up one hundredth of a mile per hour to 122.29. Also busy producing best-ever numbers was longtime STSS competitor Andy Lemons, whose black ‘04 Neon SRT-4 eventually hit a 12.45/112.98. Lemons, whose only final-round appearance came on August 22nd, 2006, when he defeated Steve Sweet in an all-Neon final, successfully retained the second spot through qualifying to stay ahead of the aforementioned Chris O‘Donovan’s ‘03 Grand Prix GTP, (12.78/111.15), Michael Vernon’s silver Subaru WRX, (13.01/103.40), Rick Poepping’s GTP, (13.46/100.70), and Kevin Parker’s ‘05 Cobalt SS, (13.59 at a stunning 108.29 mph).

Although Howie and Lemons left the line together, the white Civic hatchback thundered to an 11.81/121.53 over the Neon’s 12.64/103.22 to move Howie into a tie with Brian Orsborn for fifth, (with three wins and three runners-up), on the all-time Winner’s List in the Sport Tuner Shootout. Where did Howie find yet another tenth of a second? “Well, I put new spark plugs in it”, said the ever modest SuperTuner, “and, umm….oh! I washed it, too!”.


Pos Name Hometown ST Vehicle R.T. ET MPH

W Tim Mallicoat, Collinsville, IL 1986 383 S10 0.168 10.275 129.85
RU Larry King, Troy, IL 1999 330 Lightning 0.085 13.450 92.68

While Tim Mallicoat’s single 10.30/130.56 qualifying run in Hal Marshall’s white S-10 pickup fell second in the SCSS standings, it also led the GatewayRaceway.com Super Truck Showdown by a sizeable margin. However, breakage played a role in the Truck battle, as well. The second qualifier was the radical supercharged, carbureted 454-powered ‘83 C20 of Russell Price which pounded out a best of 11.94/115.32. A late qualifying run resulted in a serious stumble off the starting line for the orange full-bodied pickup, however, and Price felt it best to withdraw to determine the trouble.

Larry King, whose white ‘99 Lightning is a Tuesday night regular but had never qualified for a final round, was called in as the first alternate to replace Price. After a best-ever 12.45/110.38 without drag radial tires, King’s self-tuned Ford, (which uses mostly stock components), hoped for traction in the final round but spun the tires against Mallicoat’s 10.27/129.85 and slowed to a second off its previous pace. Still, King was nearly as happy as Mallicoat in accepting his first Super Truck Showdown trophy…even though Mallicoat got two of ’em!

Photos of the June 12th SX Performance Street Car Shootout Series event are now available for viewing at Bret Kepner Photos.com.


Tim Mallicoat, Collinsville, IL 1986 383 S-10


Joe Williams, Maryville, IL 1972 454 Nova


Rick Howie, O’Fallon, IL 1994 112 Civic


Andy Lemons, O’Fallon, IL 2004 146 Neon SRT-4


Larry King, Troy, IL 1999 330 Lightning